August 22, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 48 (Ciudad Del Este)

Well everyone Transfers came in today....

And I am staying in Barrio 1! And crazy but Elder Viveros is staying too! We are excited for this transfer because it looks like it is gonna be a fun one! We have several investigators that we are excited about and that we have known since the beginning of our time here and we will be excited to see them reach the end goal and recieve even more blessings in their lives!

Maria was BAPTIZED! I know we said that it would be today but early in the week it changed for Sunday! It was such a cool experience. Everything (but the baptismal prayer itself) was in Gaurani! She is the coolest little grandma! Originally we had decided that Elder Viveros was gonna baptize her but yesterday the Bishop asked us to both go into the font to help support if there was a problem. But she baptized so easily she could have done it with just him, but igual it was cool to have that experience with us both in there!

Santiago came to the Baptism yesterday and he is excited for his baptism here in a couple weeks! We are so excited for him! Not really much to say, because he is progressing without a problem!

Nelson unfortunately has disapeared off the face of the earth (or so it seems) and it is really hard because his family makes every challenge for us. The lie to us and tell us he isnt home and also steal his phone and when we call tell us we have the wrong number. It is crazy how Satan works to try and make sure people dont find the church of Jesus Christ....but we still have faith!

Eva and Guillermo have decided to be baptized on September 10. Well Eva for sure but Guillermo is on the fence. We gotta try to help him. He is praying right now to get his answer. Eva told us she knows it is the right thing to do and she is gonna do everything to be ready. She also said if her boyfriend is against it she is gonna break up with him. What a ton of miracles we have seen with her! We are so happy.

Grisel and Dianne. They are doing great as well. We are thinking about inviting them to be baptized on the 17 of September but we have to get permission from the Stake President because they live in another ward boundry but come here to Barrio 1 because the boyfriend is a member here! But they are so excited too!

Just a lot of fun things going on in Barrio 1 right now! We had a ton of rain this week and that makes everything harder but we just had to keep going and we had a lot of fun! I should have taken more pictures!

In other news, in Transfers the District stayed pretty much the same. The Hermanas from Barrio 1 stayed the same and the Hermanas from Barrio 2 were taken out and new ones were put! So we will have some news here with us!

Well we are happy here! I found a stash of Ties for 50 cents and stocked up today so that should be fun! They are hideous so we are excited! Always fun to mix up the tie game!

Well I miss you all but it is so great here in Paraguay! The Lord knows each one us perfectly and tries us until it becomes so hard but it is only for our own growth! Then he blesses us more than we could imagine! The Church is the true church of Jesus Christ and I couldnt be more happy to be a member!

With love,

Elder Willardson


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