August 15, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 47 (Ciudad Del Este)

Well everyone! This week was just great!

We just keep trying to work hard and we are really seeing the Lords blessings. It is a fun time to be a missonary in Barrio 1!!

Maria is doing great! She has been taught all of the lessons and she accepts everything! She wont be baptized on Saturday but rather on Monday! The reason is because her daughter was baptized on August 22 last year and so it will be 1 year from her baptism and her daughter is so excited about that! She is the best little grandma ever! We are so excited for her! I will send a picture of her at church!

Nelson! Nelson came to church last week with his friend and can you say Golden Investigator? The Lord really prepares people. We had a couple lessons with him this week and he wants to get baptized and be "Elder" already! He is so fun! He will be baptized next Saturday (August 27) and we are so excited for him! Almost as excited as he is!!

Santiago is the nephew of a member and he had come to church a couple times and now we started teaching him! He loves the church and feels like it is true because its better than the other churches he went too! He is excited to be baptized on September 3! We are so excited for him!

Eva and Guillermo! This week they were already looking forward to Sunday to come to church because they missed last week! We were also to teach them the Word of Wisdom which we were a bit speculative if they were going to be able to accept it but they did totally! They just said okay if that is what the Lord wants than that is what we will do!! Such an example. Todavia no hay baptism scheduled because her boyfriend but she is still super excited!

Richard!! We have been teaching Richard for about a month and there was a time where we couldnt contact him to teach him but this week we ran into him and had a pair of charlas and he came to church this Sunday! So we are excited for him again!

Grisel and her daughter Diana came to church yet again but we havent taught them yet. Just waiting on her future husband to tell us when and finally he did. Tonight we will have the first lesson with them! We are so excited!

Like I said and like you can see the lord really is blessing us. But really something that I noticed from this week is that most of these people are friends of a member or family meaning that the member invited them to church or to listen to us and really that made me think alot. I have a front row seat to watching these people change their lives and be more happy and none of that would have happened if it werent for these members that opened their mouth. It makes me think about that as a missionary that I need to continue inviting everyone I see and also for all of us as members! How many people do we know that we can at least invite to experience this joy that we have found in our lives. It never hurts to invite!

Well I am happy. The work is great and I feel the Spirit helping me grow! hopefully I come back in 1 year a better Elder Willardson than you all knew when I left.

I love you all! Thanks for the letters and support!

Elder Willardson


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