August 8, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 46 (Ciudad Del Este)


This week was another good one! We were able to have several investigators in church and the Hermanas went crazy too and the Lord helped them bring 8 investigators to church!!!!! (I was so happy for them. They work so hard and finally had some great success. They really deserve it) and we had several less active families and with the help of the members we were able to set a record of Church Attendance yesterday in Barrio 1. 167 People! It was such a spiritual meeting too! So fun!

Maria came to church again yesterday! She is so excited! Last night we went to visit her with a couple members and everyone was talking in Guarani and she was smiling and laughing the whole time. She is really loving the church. I guess this week I should try to record a Lesson so you all can hear what Guarani sounds like! Soooooooo hard. I hardly even talk in the lesson if not nothing at all.

Diego came to church yesterday. We have to admit we had lost a little faith in him but all the sudden he showed up and he loved it! We were so happy to see him. He wont be able to be baptized on the 20 but we will try to give him a new date. He is so awesome!

Grisel is the future wife of a member. She has been coming to church the past couple weeks and now we are gonna start teaching her. It is a bit tough because the member is a bit flojo pero we are gonna just keep being willing for when he wants to! Francisco also came. We need to talk with his mom so that he can get baptized still. So hard to find her.

So those were the 4 that came to church this week but still Eva and her Family are still progressing a ton. They just couldn't come to church. Victor David came with us to a Baptism in Barrio 2 on Saturday and he liked it a lot. So they are doing well as well!

The work is really great and I am so happy with the progress Elder Viveros and I have seen. We have been blessed in our 2 months here and we just gotta keep working!

In other news, yesterday we ate Chicken Heart for lunch and it was sooooooo good. I felt weird eating little hearts but soooooo good! Hmmmm that is about all I can remember that was interesting this week! This week we will have interviews with President this week! That will be exciting!

Well I love you all and I am really loving the work! The Lord is working miracles and I really feel like I am being more and more the missionary he wants and needs me to be every day! This week will be one year since I hugged mom and Dad and walked away. Crazy how fast time flies and what scares me is the second half will pass even faster than the first! Gotta take advantage!

Love you all,

Elder Willardson

PS Sorry this week I wont have photos because we couldn't use the computer in the church and the Ciber has Virus.....

Next week I will make up for it! But feel free to keep sending photos to me! Its always fun to see what everyone is up to back home :)


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