June 13, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 38 (Ciudad del Este)

Well it seems that this letter didnt arrive either....I have no idea what is happening :// So here is the letter from last week! Later today I will send the letter from this week.

Hello everyone!!

Well this week was better than the last and this next week will even be better. Our area is really progressing every day and I am so excited! We have a good group of investigators that we are improving every day and a couple with a baptisimal date and things are just going well. We are working hard every day and just trying to put up with the cold. Humidity is the heat or cold!!

Well I forgot my scripture this week but I just wanted to share a scriptural thought that I liked this week. In Alma 20:29-30 when Ammon finds his brothers and that they were in a hard situation because their mission wasnt a bunch of butterflies and success. Not every mission is the same but that doesnt change the class of missionary we should be. I dont have any reason to think that Aaron and his brethren were anything less than ammon. It just depends on the agency of the people. But still we have to do our part like Aaron and his brothers. I really think that is something that each and every one of the missionaries in the world should remember.

Well this is still short but I promise each and every week will be longer, with new and fun stories. Especailly since we can use the computer in the church now so I can send pictures and voice recordings again!! That will save me time and be much more fun!

Thanks to all who are writing me and giving me the love and support! I couldnt do it without you!

With love,

Elder Willardson


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