June 6, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 37 (Ciudad del Este)

Hello everyone!!!

Well you might be recieving two letters today. I logged in today and realized that everyone didnt recieve my letter last week (even though it said sent) and so I had to resend it....oh well igual no mas!

Well this week was good. It was sad to miss the baptism but my companion broke the rules for me and emailed me with the pictures so I will include them!

Well this week was good...just a little bit tough and a little different but we are going good now!

So I am in the Ciudad del Este first ward and my companion is Elder Viveros from Paraguay! I will be finishing his training and so now I have 2 they say in the mission!

So I said it was a bit tough at first and so i will explain. So Elder Viveros got here last transfer and right away his trainer got sick with Bronchitis....the poor guy didnt work for 3 weeks. His first transfer! I felt horrible for him. of course it isnt anyones fault but these things happen. And right now we feel the effects of it as the area is in rough shape and my companion doesnt know all of the area to show me really well and so that was why it was a bit tough.

But dont get me wrong! We are better every day and it really is better right now. The first day or two we were a bit disanimated but now we are finishing the day and looking for the little miracles that God gave us and every day the area is progressing! It really is exciting! Especially for Elder Viveros I am happy. After we got done contacting one day he said "Wow i love contacting" because he had never done it. And whenever any little thing happens he gets really excited and that new missionary energy sparks out and I hope that we keep going like this! It is a fun time!

Ciudad del Este is a different world than Virasoro. We came to Centro today and I literally felt like I was in NYC. Its bastante grande and I can buy everything in DOLLARS! Pretty cool eh. Asi que I had to take advantage and buy a couple things ;)

Well this letter is super all over the place but my head is spinning right now. But things are good and I am happy and I am excited. Every day will be better and in no time things will be great!

I love you all and thanks for all the letters today! It was a good day to open the inbox!!!

With love,

Elder Willardson

BAPTISM PHOTOS- They are so amazing.....


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