May 23, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Choque

Week 35 (Virasoro)

Hello everyone!

Well this week was just fantastic. Some really good investigators we have and seem to be continuing to find. Not all of them progress but many of them are and we are seeing the hand of the Lord with us in all of our work. It is a really fun time for me in my mission.

First off. My scripture is perfect this week. 1 Corinthians 1:27
" 27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world toconfound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;"
I love this scripture because really I know that I am weak and without the help of God I could not do anything that we are doing right now. I wouldnt be able to help others feel the Spirit I wouldnt be able to help others understand the gospel, wow I wouldnt even be able to speak Spanish all day everyday! I really am blessed to be a servant of the Lord that can do these things with his help.

Well it has been freezing here. An investigator loaned us a little heater but it doesnt seem to be functioning now and so the morning and the night in the apartment are pretty tough.... but things are well.

Familia Ceron WOW....this is a miracle. They are truly the best people ever in the whole wide world. I love them so much. We had 3 incredible visits with them this week and they were able to come to church and brought their friend too. Here is an example so that you can all understand them. Yesterday in Gospel Principles we talked about the scriptures we use as members of the church. After the class Brother Ceron asked me where he could obtain a Triple because he wanted to read the Pearl of Great Price. He is so awesome. This family is just the best. On top of everything else awesome about them every time we go they always cook us a columbian dinner, I dont know what I did to deserve them but they are incredible people that really strengthens my testimony about how much God loves his children and prepares them to recieve the great joy the gospel brings.

Victoria She is a teenager that her mom is Evangelica but Victoria doesnt want to wear skirts her whole life at school and everything and she wants to watch TV and other things that that church prohibits but she wants to learn more so she started taking the lessons. Yesterday she came to church and the best part. I hardly even talked to her. And I say that meaning that the Young Women really took her in and fellowshipped her. Wow! It was awesome!

Eduardo and Viviana We found them contacting this week and they are awesome too. We started off with reading Articles of Faith and they were super interested after that. We have only had a couple lessons with them but they are on fire and want to learn a ton!

Well I wish I could write about everyone but for the sake of time and so I dont bore everyone I will leave it at that. Things are going really well here in Virasoro and time is flying. Only one more week in this transfer and I cant believe it. Yesterday I gave a talk and that was fun. I am just really doing well. Also thanks to everyone who sent graduation announcements and letters. I got a couple this week and it put a smile on my face! I have the best family and friends!

Hope everyone has the best week!

With love,

Elder Willardson

1. Lunch Yesterday because the family didn't have gas and they didn't want to buy it on Sunday!! Que capo!
2. Elder Choque and I in front of the church (week 5 and we finally got a picture there)
3 Platanos made the Columbian way
5. Second Lunch yesterday :/ I am gaining weight....


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