April 25, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Choque

Week 31 (Virasoro)

Hello Everyone!!!

Wow super fast week!

Well transfers passed! Elder Isidro went to San Vincente and Elder Choque came here to Virasoro! He is from Salta Argentina. So my 5th companion and from different countries every one. Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina! Its super funny because each one speaks Spanish but a different Spanish with different words and sayings that they love to use. He is 24 and is a convert of just 2 years (and he has one year in the mission) and his testimony is awesome. He is a bit different than Elder Isidro but I will just have to adjust and make it work! It should be a good transfer!

The work continues here. We had 4 investigators in church yesterday which was super exciting because it always feels good to have your work pay off and God really blessed us this week.

Griselda- Bueno griselda got sick and couldnt come yesterday but we had a chat on Friday and all went well and she travelled to Apostoles on Friday for the youth dance and so we just got get her coming to church this sunday and everything is well.

Gisella- Gisella is a 11 year old girl that is the sobrina of a member who lives with him and his mom (her grandma) and her mom abadoned her about 4 months ago and because she lives with the grandma and uncle she goes to church. She wants to be baptized so we are now teaching her and she will be baptized on May 14. We are excited for her. I know she isnt a true true investigator that I will take credit for or anything but igual it is amazing to be part of someone getting ready for baptism.

Dayanna- Dayanna is the wife of a menos activo that we have been visiting all of my 6 weeks here in Virasoro and we visited her on Saturday and I had about lost all faith in them and out of nowhere she said I am coming to church tomorrow because I want my kids to be raised right with the habit. We are excited to now help her progress and be baptized.

Sergio- Sergio is the boyfriend of a less active girl and he came to church the other week and met him and found him this week and talked about the book of mormon. We left him to read the introduccion and invitied him to church. When he came he said he had read and he understood the promise that Moroni invites us to do and we left him another portion and said we would come by this week and talk more about the promise! Super cool!

Ricardo- Ricardo is awesome. We have visited him for about a month and taught a lot and he says that the Book of Mormon is true and that talking with us has blessed his life a lot and finally he got to come to church yesterday (he had tried earlier but things kept coming out of nowhere to prevent him....) but he loved it and said he is for sure coming again next week and wants to bring his family! I think we will try to put a baptisimal date for him this week. I love him!

Well that is a pretty good recap. Not much more to report from here. Yesterday we were able to have 3rd hour in church combined and we gave a Capacitation about misisonary work to all the members so that we can try to include them more. I wasnt sure how well it would work but it did and the members are super excited!!

Oh yeah, I said we rode bikes last week. Well we ended up making it to the Virasoro newspaper!! I dont know who reads that but igual how cool! I will include a picture!

Well I love you all! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Willardson


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