April 4, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Isidro

Week 28 (Virasoro)

Hola Todos!!

Wow, the weeks just fly by.....exciting stuff because that means that I am enjoying myself and am comfortable but scary because I will be done before I know it......

I will be honest this week I forgot my ponderization scripture.....I could give a million excuses but no time for excuses. I just need to be better! But I was studying a lot in Alma 5 this week and wow that chapter is golden. I love the way that Alma helps people really understand the gospel, and it motivates me to be better.

Conference was great! Well the parts I got to see! We had storms here and the internet (which isnt that great anyways) was a little shaky. The truth is I saw almost all of it, it just buffered a ton, but Preisthood Sesion we lost everything :/ So I will have to go watch it sometime. But there were honestly some great talks! The exciting part was it was my first complete conference in Spanish. I guess I am just becoming a true latino :)

As for the work it is really coming along well. There is always sunshine after the storm no? A couple weeks ago was the storm and now we are starting to tan (or so it feels like!) Some really solid investigators coming out of hiding ;) I will explain a couple.

Griselda- Griselda is a 15 year old girl that was an old reference from a member. We went and visited her and the Hermanas had been visiting her about a year ago. We had 2 lessons this week and she came to conference and she is really bonding with the young women and wow it looks really good for her. Her mom wants her to come tochurch and she really feels good. I am excited for her.

Familia Galeano- This family is awesome. We have been visiting them for about a week and a half and they are the nicest. They have lots of curiosity questions and we are answering them and they are really impressed with the church and our beliefs and everything. We have been taking members to visit them and they are getting along well. They are reading the Book of Mormon little by little. They dont want to commit to baptism yet but that doesnt worry me.

Mario and Alejandra- Mario and Alejandra we contacted in a plaza this week and they are the best! We visited them last night and they are so amazing. They live so humbly, but they are working so hard to make it and they have incredible faith. They told us they want to get married and quit smoking (all the commitments we will have to give them mas adelante) and they asked when church is cause they want to come! Elder Isidro about jumped out of his seat when he heard that! They have such great desires!

Well that is only 3! But the Lord really is preparing people here in Virasoro! We just have to stay humble and try to do our best to help these people obtain the blessings that God has prepared for them and wants them to have! Fun stuff happening here! Thank you for all your prayers and support!

With love always,

Elder Willardson


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