March 29, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Isidro

Week 27 (ViraSoro)

Hello Everyone! HAPPY "TUESDAY"

Yes I know that everyone was probably worried sick about me (kidding), but yesterday we couldnt write because we were in Posadas all day for Elder Isidro´s Tramites!! Oh how I missed those guys....not...but all good because we are writing for a bit this morning and then getting to work this afternoon! We gotta take advantage because Friday we have to go back for a couple hours in the morning so that they can take out the remaining wisdom tooth of Elder Isidro. So it is a busy week.

Before I explain the week we had, let me start with my scripture. In Ether 12:12.
"12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith."
This week in our Zone Conference the Zone chose this as our scripture to remember. I love it because really as a missionary faith is EVERYTHING. If I truly dont believe the Lord has people waiting to hear the gospel and change their lives I wont have to desire or the energy or anything to be able to find those people. And I have seen the difference between those days where I am discouraged and those days when I am on fire with excitement and determination and faith. The Lord really gives miracles according to the faith of his servants.

Like I said this week we had zone conference. It was amazing. We really left having learned alot and it was awesome because that night we had the opportunity to put what we learned in practice. We got back about 6 or 7 and had a couple hours to contact. We went to a house that we had asked a man for directions the week before and asked if we could share a message, he said yes and he and his family listened intently to the restoration. He asked a lot of questions one of which was life after death. We left him Alma 40-41 to read in the Book of Mormon and then returned and taught Plan of Salvation. It was a really cool experience, especially for Elder Isidro with that being his first Zone Conference to really come out of it on fire and have the experience that we had that night.

This week was also District Conference (Stake Conference but for Branches) and it was in Virasoro. The members from Apostoles and Santo Tome came and it was a full house. The District President and President LaPierre spoke and it was really good. The Spirit was so strong.

Well this week was really good and something I realized. The week before Elder Isidro and I worked a ton! We worked and worked and worked and worked and like I said in the last email, everything seemed to fall. But this week we worked and worked and worked and worked and everything is going great. What was the difference. I think the first week we were working and going crazy because we really wanted to bring investigators to church, but we were doing it for us and not for them. This week that changed. It didnt feel like we were trying to drag them along but rather walk along side them and help them change their lives. Something that the Lord really taught me and something I am really grateful for because sometimes as a misisonary you can get caught up in that, but really we are here for others. I just have to do my part 100% and trust in the Lord that he is happy with me.

Well not much more than that. I love you all and as always thank you for the letters that arrive in my inbox every monday (or Tuesday :/) It really helps me keep going on and feeling grateful for the live I have been blessed with. The Church is True and it blesses families and changes individuals. I will never doubt that.

Love always,

Elder Willardson


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