March 21, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Isidro

Week 26 (ViraSoro)

Wow I cannot believe this week already passed, the fastest one yet I think and I dont know if I like that or not....

Anyways this week was well....the best week of my mission for Monday through Thursday and (I wont say the worst) but probably the hardest week of my mission for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As you might of noticed I had a ton of excitement in my letter last Monday and Elder Isidro had it too and we just got to work. It was so great (I think that is why the week passed so fast) and the Lord was blessing us with great investigators and great spiritual experiences that I was already looking forward to sharing in this letter and it was only early in the week. But then Friday came and things started to fall left and right...and Saturday was horrible. By the end of Thursday we were planning on 4 different Investigators/Part Member Less Active Families in the church and we were quite happy but come Saturday night everything had fallen. Cancelled for church, and our best investigator even dropped us because his wife didnt want us to come anymore. I wont lie....I was pretty bummed...we had worked so hard and so dilligent and everything fell. I couldnt understand why....but Elder Isidro helped me stay positive and yesterday we talked about reasons why this couldve happened and today we put goals for this week to work like we did last week regardless of what happened. So I am still excited for this week now!

Bueno, now that I could explain a little about this week I will share my ponderization. I was in Mosiah 3:12 this week.
" 12 But wo, wo unto him who knoweth that he rebelleth against God! For salvation cometh to none such except it be through repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ."
I love this scripture because like I might have mentioned as missionaries right now we have a big focus on teaching repentence. And it is opening my eyes. How many of our brothers and sisters in this world havent tasted of the fruits of repentance that the majority of us take advantage of every day. It is such a blessing to share the gospel.

I guess talking about this I will share a story that I guess isnt too important any more but still touched me a lot. We contacted a man named Hector last Sunday and he had told us that he really wanted to talk with us but he couldnt talk then. So we went back on Tuesday and taught about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and asked if he had any questions or if we could do anything for him. He asked us (we had talked about Jesus and his Sacrifice and how we can repent a little bit during the lesson) and he asked us if God forgives all kinds of sins. Wow. In this moment I was taken back and felt the Spirit so strong as we could testify that God really does forgive everyone with a sincere heart. This child of God had never come to know that he could be forgiven for his sins. (Sadly this was the investigator whos wife made him stop visiting with us) but I am glad for the opporutnity that Elder Isidro and I had to experience these short 2 lessons with him and testify of repentance and forgiveness and wow, still a tender mercy of The Lord even if it didnt work out.

Well I dont have too much to update this week. Things are well. It was hard but I will never say it was bad because everything happens for a reason and we learned what we could and we are just gonna keep trucking on. I really am excited for another week to work and I am just putting my trust in God that everything happens for a reason and he is in control!

The gospel is true. That I know and that will never change. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to help others taste of this joy. I know I am not a perfect teacher but the Holy Ghost is and so I just try my best to be excited happy and obedient so that the Lord can let his will happen.

I love you all and thank you for all your letters and love and support! I miss and love you all but I really love being here sharing the Gospel!

With love always,

Elder Willardson


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