March 14, 2016


ViraSoro, Argentina


Elder Isidro

Week 25 (ViraSoro)

Hola de vuelta!!

Well here I am! I realized that even though I had little information last week, I still had alot more than I shared! But I know everything now :)

So turns out I am a StepFather!!! ("StepFather" in the mission means that I am finishing the training of someone, I am not his "Dad" meaning I am not picking him up from the office and training him right from the start, but training is for 2 transfers so I am finishing his training in this his second transfer) My "StepSon" is Elder Isidro and he is from Columbia! (Yes another Latino!) He is awesome and he is fresh and has lots of energy and desire and wow I am just so excited to have him as a companion!

To make things better, this is an amazing area! ViraSoro is a city that is big enough but small enough at the same time! It is perfect! There is a branch here that has from 70-90 attendance and the members here are incredible! The weird part that has made this first week a little weird is that they just opened a second area here and put hermanas. Before it was only Elders and this transfer they sent hermanas here. So we had to spend a lot of time helping get the pension ready and move all the appliances and everything in and Elder Isidro had to explain to the hermanas their part of the city and everything (kinda sad because the majority of the good investigators are in the hermana´s area but igual no mas I am excited to contact a ton) but we are finally getting to work, yesterday and from here on out everything is normal! Like I said, the Elders because their area was so big before couldnt really work for the whole city and so are area is ready to be contacted and I am sooooooo ready to work! We are found 2 great investigators yesterday so I am excited to see what happens!

Well wow, that was quite the recap! In short I am just super excited to be here in ViraSoro. I know without a doubt that this is where the Lord wants me to be and that he has had this as his plan all the time. I know that the last transfer was hard but he sent me there to learn things that will help me here. And above all else, I KNOW the Lord has people here waiting to here the gospel!!

Well as for other news, with the transfer and packing and saying goodbye and then meeting all the new people and having problems with the Hermana´s pension every day and yeah (a lot of excuses I know) I didnt do my ponderization this week. But okay, I will admit. I have been a bit bad with Ponderization but it is my new goal from here on out to really take advantage of it! I hope everyone continues to share with me each week!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a talk and it was awesome! Like I said the members here are so amazing and so many of them came and complimented my Spanish and offered to have us for lunch and to visit people with us! Wow, I gotta take advantage of this time! Not all the areas are like that!

The Hermanas are Hermana Runnells from Utah and Hermana Rivero from......OBERA! Yes she is a mini missionary (Very common here, weird) it is so funny because back then I had lunch at her house every week and now she is a companion in the work here! I hope she still cooks Pastel de Papa for me ;)

Well Kinda Boring just a recap of everything but I am so excited to be here and to get to work! This is exactly what I need to bust out of my whole and keep progressing to be the missionary the Lord needs here in Argentina! Wow, I am just stoked! The gospel is the greatest!

With Love,

Elder Willardson


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