February 22, 2016


Carlos Antonio Lopez, Paraguay


Elder Lobos

Week 22 (Carlos Antonio Lopez)

Another week.....

This week was good....a lot of traveling to start but we got back on wednesday and finally are settled in! The work has really been progressing (not without challenges of course but I prefer to look on the positive!)

I started the week in busses (or so it seemed)....First 6 hours to Encarnacion then 6 more to Asuncion, 6 hours back to Encarnacion and then 6 more back to Carlos! Wow.....that is more than I even thought....

Asuncion was really good! I was really tired the whole time but it was a cool day! The highlight was that after the Tramites we got to go to the Temple! It was so awesome! I wish we could of gone inside but outside the Spirit was still felt. I really miss the temple....

After the temple we had lunch and not only we had lunch....we had BURGER KING! Wow 6 months later and I got to eat American Fast food again :))) That was just perfect!

We finally got back to Carlos on Wednesday in the afternoon and were ready to get to work but Elder Lobos forgot our keys in we spent the day looking for a solution :/ but finally we got in opening one of the side wood doors and yeah long story, but we finally got some good rest!

Thursday we got to work and it is good. I really feel so strong the potential the Lord has prepared here in Carlos, but at the same time I know without a doubt that he wont give us the success if we arent 100% on board. It is hard because this week there was a couple times where there were differences in our companionship but we learned to just figure out and try to build on what we have in common which is helping people come unto Christ. As we did that we really saw success. Also I learned that Heavenly Father is always with you in all of your struggles and problems.

Ramon and Sonia- The marrige is still planned for next monday! And one of the families in the group has been helping them plan it so I am really excited!!

Shirley- Shirley is a referall from one of the Young Women in the group. She came to church yesterday and we met her and we are gonna visit her this week!

Paola- Paola is the sister of a recent convert. The mom noticed a change in her daughter and wants us to teach Paola now. She came to church yesterday for the first time and we are still working with her on coming to know the Book of Mormon is true!

There are others but those are the ones that are really progressing! The group is really helping us out with referalls and lessons with members (two things which are really quite rare in this part of the world) so we are really excited and thankful for that!

Last but not least....the Guarani is finally starting to take a start. I would write a few sentances of stuff I am learning but it is almost impossible to write! But I really feel excited because I thought I would never be able to learn anything! But God is helping me!

Well I am doing good here! Thank you to everyone for writing and supporting me always!

Rohayhu de Paraguay

Elder Willardson


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