February 15, 2016


Carlos Antonio Lopez, Paraguay


Elder Lobos

Week 21 (Carlos Antionio Lopez)

Hello Everyone!!

Wow how time flies!! Crazy stuff! I am really loving the mission! 6 months in how crazyyyy....but I really am feeling perfect! The spanish is natural and the teaching is just my life! The investigators are starting to progress and I really see the growth the Lord has blessed me with as I try to be the best servant I can be!

So first I have to repent of something....with all the chaos this transfer I havent had my ponderization :/ But I want to repent and start again and share a scripture with you all that has really helped me this week! It is in 3 Nephi 5:13
"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."
I love this scripture because sometimes I dont really realize how how how important my calling is. Mabye it is because I have been wearing the plaque for 6 months now or because all my friends have the plaque too or whatever reason but I need to focus more on the importance of my calling. Not saying this in a way that I have disrespected my calling but more that sometimes I just grow accustomed to it and dont realize the power and promises that I am garunteed. I truly am a representative of Jesus Christ and that is so awesome! A branch president told all us missionaries in a district meeting one time that our calling is so important that the only other opportunity we could have in this life to be full time representatives of Christ is as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Wow. That truly is powerful when I think about it and I need to take advantages of the help that is promised with my calling so that I can help others!

Well also I guess I lied to you all. Turns out I didnt go to Asuncion last week....

After writing my letter last week we were walking around Encarnacion and I got a call from Presidents Secratary saying that I would not be traveling and that I would be having my interview with President! That was awesome because I thought after he couldnt come to Obera and then transfers that I wouldnt be getting an interview but he didnt forget me! It was a great interview and he helped me a lot on how I can help my companion and the area and I was just really excited to get to work! I really am gonna miss President when he goes this winter (summer there) but I am excited for the new President too!

So with all that I lied.....I am not done traveling for the month just yet. We came to Encarnacion again last night and I will be leaving for Asuncion tonight and Elder Lobos will stay here with some other Elders! I am excited to go see Asuncion but really I just wanna be back in Carlos working with our investigators and I miss my own bed too! Sleeping on busses and the floor of other Elders Apartments just isnt a 5 star hotel here in Paraguay ;)

Like I said Carlos is doing great! We have several people that are really letting the gospel change their live!

Ramon and Sonia: Ramon and Sonia have a date to be married in 2 weeks! Sonia and their son Marcelo came to church yesterday but Ramon couldnt because he was harvesting and all the farms are trying to take advantage of the time right now. But they both want to be baptized after their marrige and so we want to put a date but we are trying to find a time we can meet with Ramon and Sonia together because Ramon found this job last week (which was good because he was out of work) but now it is hard to find him. We are really excited for them!

Familia Vega: Familia Vega is so awesome! They always are accepting us and listening to our message but their hearts are starting to open up! We taught the Plan of Salvation this week and set a baptisimal date for March 12 but their challenge is coming to church so we are trying to tackle that! I hope all turns out for them!

We have a few others that are quite awesome but for sake of time I will keep it at that! Preaching the Gospel is so awesome! Now that I am really quite comfortable and the language is just super natural I am falling in love with teaching more and more everyday!

In other news, I am now more motivated than ever to learn Guarani. I dont want to learn it for myself but rather to help with the work here and so My first goal is to be able to share my testimony in Gaurani but my ultimate goal is to be able to teach (very simply of course) in the language that the people love. I had a returned missionary that I really look up to share experiences with me of teaching in a native language and the people really opened their hearts. So he helped me see what I need to do and I am praying for the Lords help! So we will see!

Also, Carlos doesnt have a basketball hoop but here in Encarnacion it does, so we woke up this morning and went a shot around. A little rusty because It feels like an eternity since I have played but it was good to get the ball back in my hands! Especially made me think of my Highland Hawks! I am hoping they make a good tourney run starting this week! I miss all those brothers.

Well all is good! I am ready to stop Traveling but I guess it is necessarry. It really makes me see how much effort and money the Lord is willing to spend to keep me here and how I should be taking advantage of every minute to preach the gospel with all my heart might mind and strength! God is so good everybody, we just have to let him into our hearts.

I love and miss you all! Thank you for all the letters and the prayers!

With love,

Elder Willardson

PS I forgot my Camera this week so I will send double next week!


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