February 1, 2016


Carlos Antonio Lopez, Paraguay


Elder Lobos

Week 19 (Carlos Antonio Lopez)

Hello Everyone!! I write to you from Otoño...another pueblito about 15 minutes outside of Carlos Antonio Lopez because Carlos doesn't have a cyber! I would tell you how we arrived here but I don't want my mom to worry............................ ;)

Wow....First off. Paraguay is a different world, and Carlos is even a more different world. It is a very very very small town in the middle of nowhere. Someone told me if you look up Carlos Antonio Lopez on the map you wont find anything for a long while and then in the middle of nowhere, us. I got here Thursday night after about 8 hours of Travel. Obera to Posadas, crossed the bridge to Paraguay and 5 hours from Encarnacion to Carlos. The pension is surprisingly super comfortable and clean which is good and helped me settle in right away. It is quite a change but I really like it here! I am sorry I havent taken pictures....but I promise I will this week so you can all experience this with me!!!

The thing most different about Carlos is I am surrounded by Guarani....the native language of Paraguay. Paraguay is moving towards more Spanish but because I am in the middle of nowhere Paraguay they are holding firm to their Gaurani...lucky me ;) In fact I would say that they only speak Spanish to us the missionaries and with everyone else, pure Guarani! It is super hard to learn but I guess I will at least have a couple words by the end of my time here.

The weather is about the same as Obera, but the thing is, here is a bit different. All the roads are pure dirt and so when its hot and sunny it is beyond dusty and when it rains it makes more mud than I have ever seen. This weekend was rainy and my first day was hot and sunny. I have decided that I like dust better than mud, I forgot to take a picture of my shoes but I am sure it will happen again so dont worry!

My companion is Elder Lobos. He is from Chile. He has about 10 months on the mission and we have gotten along so far so that is good.

The group is quite fun. The group leader is Hermano Ramirez and then his wife, their daughters and their families, and a couple other families and people. They are super awesome and amazing. I think our Group Assitence yesterday was 15 people. I gave a talk and presented me and everybody was asking to see my family and they all have treated me really well!

Well I dont know what else to say even though I know there is probably a million things I could tell you all. Sometimes I just stop and think.....what in the world....but I wont lie. I really enjoy it. Elder Lobos and I talk about this a lot, we wouldnt live here because we are accustomed to the city, but it is awesome to be here for 3 or 4 or 5 months! The mission is all about the experience no?

Well I love you all! Thanks for all you do! Thanks for all the letters I get every week that animate me and keep me going!

With love always,

Elder Willardson


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