December 14, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 12 (Obera)

Hello todos!

I would like to start out by letting everyone know that they can no longer call me a nuevito...I have finished my training as my second transfer has no come to a close....crazy how fast time is flying...

With this I have extremely sad news....Elder Vinces is leaving...and I hate to admit it but I am beyond sad....The truth is, if this would have happened last transfer it wouldnt have been as sad but He and I really have become bestfriends this transfer. We teach much better in unity and we have love one for another and we really were able to see the fruits of our labors. I am really grateful for the oppurtunity I had to have a trainer who taught me how to work very hard and I hope I can continue this with my new companion. All I know is he is from Paraguay and has 8 months or so in the mission! Elder Nielsen and Elder Cano will stay and also the Hermanas will stay too. And Elder Vinces is actually going to the office to be a secratary of Materials so I will hopefully get to see him from time to time!

I have more sad news to report... I totally got caught up super busy in the beginning of the week and forgot to choose a Ponderization scripture....super sad...and by the time I realized in Wednesday or so I decided it wouldnt have the full affect so I will make sure to do it this week. Thank you to everyone who is sharing their scripture with me everyweek! it is such a great example to me!

I have good news! Yamile is set to be baptized this coming Saturday! She really is such an example to me. She is so ready, and her desire to be baptized is so real! We have a couple more visits today and tomorrow and then the interview and all will be set to go! A member from the branch we have asked, will baptize her and he said it would be an honor! Que capo!! I am so happy for her. I hope and pray nothing comes and becomes an obstacle!

That should be interesting because we will have the baptism Saturday morning and then Saturday night is our Zone Christmas Activity which will be super awesome!! And also Friday night is the branch activity! We are using that as an effort to have all the members invite their friends too! So it should be a fun and super busy weekend!

I talked a lot about choosing happiness last week and justo God tested me to see if I really meant it or if I was all talk. The truth is I did good with the trials but not my best and its okay because it is certain that they will continue to present this transfer. But it is a good opportunity to pass the test and grow my faith!

Well not much to report from here! The work is hard but when you see the change and faith in people that have never heard of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ it makes it all worth it. My testimony has only strengthened here and I am beyond excited that I have 20 more months to grow it even more!

I love you all, hope you are having good Christmas time! Enjoy the cold because one day you might realize its 10 days from Christmas and still 97 degrees!! No una broma! It really is a cool experience to be here for the holidays! But I really am thankful for each one of you all and your example to me! Always email me if you need anything!

Love always,

Elder Willardson

PS Sorry I haven't sent pictures in a while, I will for sure next week! Count it as a promise!


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