December 7, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 11 (Obera)

Hola! Feliz Deciembre!!!

Another P-Day!! before I know it I will be chatting with the Fam on Skype!! So exciting!

This week I was pondering in D&C 136:29
" 29 If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful."
I love this scripture because I really needed it this week. The week before this one I was quite discouraged and Satan was working on me hard. I asked for some advice from my Dad and Brother and a couple other guys that have been amazing examples to me and my Dad gave me this scripture! Also from all the help I received I was able to have a much better week! One of my favorite things I received was "Happiness is a choice" That put me into thinking a lot and I can tell you all that it is 100% true. Nothing extraordinary happened this week that made me super happy but the only change was my attitude. I took the advice, turned myself over to the Lord, and chose to be happy. And that is a simple process we can all do to overcome the Sadness and trials of life!!

Well yet another curveball in the life of Elder Willardson. We were heading to a Noche Hogar con un menos activo en Monday after PDay ended and we recieved a call from the other Elders in the pension! Long story short emergency transfer and Elder Prado went to Paraguay and Elder Cano came here to be companions with Elder Nielsen. He is super cool so all is well but it was just another "What in the World" moment in the life of Elder Willardson! But it is always fun and interesting!

With that Transfer my comp and I started running in the morning again! I don't know if I ever wrote about running but I love doing that for our exercise! I had stopped for a while to play basketball in the morning but basketball isn't as good as running is to wake me up and prepare me for studies and the day and just make me feel better 24/7! So I am glad we have started doing that again! Especially because I have gained a little weight......don't worry not too much but well bastante...but with running it comes right off! It is good, because I have never been able to gain weight!

The weather here this week was incredible........
On Wednesday, we left in the morning to the heaviest rain that I have walked in in my life. I had my nice waterproof shoes on and everything but I quickly learned in about 15 seconds that nothing helped. Umbrella, shoes nothing. I was completely wet. It was awesome though because instead of complaining and being all annoyed my comp and I made it the best experience we could and we ended up really enjoying it. We would try to hop the big rivers in the streets that had built up and people were all hiding under things to block the rain but Elder Vinces and I were smiling and laughing and I am glad we did that because it would have been miserable without it...after lunch when we returned to study I had to change everything but it was fun!
After Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday were insanely hot and was almost unbearable....I have shed the backpack and I am using a little scripture bag that Elder Nielsen is letting me borrow... It is saving me and my shirts from ruin so that is good
Sunday and Today is absolutely perfect. Not one cloud and perfect 85 degrees or so (not sure it is hard to calculate) We got to play some basketball today too so that was awesome! it makes me miss the sport I love though

This week we had the opportunity to visit the hospital to visit a sick less active member. I am not going to say anything bad, but it was one of those Wow we are really blessed moments. It was so sad to see all the sick people crammed broke my really just a reminder that I am passing along to always remember the things that sometimes we take for granted in the States.

Yamile is doing good. We finally found her in house and had 2 lessons with her, she came to church yet again andddd she had an interview with President of the Branch! This was really good because he confirmed her desire to be baptized but also was able to help us see that she needed a little more time to learn more which Elder Vinces and I agree with because of how hard it has been to find her and teach her! So we are planning on the 19 now (if it will work with the Branch Activity) so we are excited for her and that!

I hope everyone got to see the Christmas Devotional last night! I did not but only because it would have been at like 9 or 10 in the night here! So the branch is replaying it next Sunday! I am so excited!!

I received my first hand written mailed letter this week and it was so awesome! So please please send Christmas Cards!!! (Address in the last 2 letters) It is so cheap and it will make my Christmas! (I know I am a beggar but when you are spending your first Christmas in 100 degree weather it is allowed!)

Thank you for everything! I love you all so much! Keep being the amazing people you are!

With love,

Elder Willardson


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