November 16, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 8 (Obera)

Hello Everyone!

Sorry this is Tuesday (weird to say because since today was P-Day I feel like it is Monday) but yesterday we had our Zone Conference with President LaPierre and so today is our P-Day!

Anyways my Ponderization scripture this week was in D&C 8:10
"Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith. Trifle not with these things; do notask for that which you ought not."
I love this scripture because Faith really is something I overlook sometimes. I always think oh yeah I have Faith but really when I think about it, I definitey can improve! I want to make myself have the kind of faith that is literally without doubt. Like the Brother of Jared with the Stones and many other stories, Ammon and his brethren amongst the Lamanites, so many great examples! Definitely not easy but definitely will be something worth it. And luckily for me acouple days after I chose this scripture I found out our topic for Zone conference would be Faith!!!

We had our activity this week! It was such a success! About 40-50 people came and they all brought their dessert and everything worked out perfect! I was in charge of Ping Pong and it was so fun I really became a lot closer with the members! I will send a pic if my comp sends me the pic!

Yamile unfortunately we couldnt visit all last week because she was on a business trip and super sick. But on Sunday morning without us even calling her there she was! She came to church all on her own! That is such a good sign, I really felt so happy for her because that means she is really wanting to come unto Christ in her life for herself and not for us! To make it better she was talking with the Relief Society and they told her about Priesthood blessings and so she asked us for one! And to finish we were able to visit her in the afternoon and review what we have taught so far! We have another visit with her tomorrow night and we are planning on the 5 of December for the Baptism now so that we can make sure she understands all that she needs to before she makes that big covenant in her life! I think she is ready, but we just need to help her see it now!

The Zone Conference was so amazing yesterday! We woke up at 5 to take a collectivo for 2 hours and stayed there all day but it was so worth it! The topic was Faith and I really learned so much! Our Mission President knows a ton! I really am growing to love him and the Hermana LaPierre also and so it will be sad when they leave in about 7 months but I am sure the Lord will give us another one just as amazing!

I have a favor! And sorry if its random and you think I am strange but igual! Because I have talked about Faith so much and I am going to be studying and praying alot about it to develop, if anyone has a conference talk or a scripture story or experience that they would be willing to share! Send an email to me so I can print it and study it in these upcoming weeks and months and geez! Probably my whole life! But seriously I would love to here all your suggestions! I really can learn so much from your examples so please please please help me out here!!

I love and miss all of you and thank you for everything!

Love Always,

Elder Willardson


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