November 9, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 7 (Obera)


First off I have to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes and the thoughtful letters. I know I have said it before but I truly am blessed with the best family and friends, and I really can see it today because the last couple of days were just a little bit more difficult than normal with Satan really trying to disanimate me and yeah... and today really has made me feel one million times better, so really I thank each one of you for your love and support. You might not think that a letter does much, but you never know, every one of your letters really brighten my attitude and help lift Spirit to continue on with all my heart, might, mind, and strength, in this marvelous work of Heavenly Father for his children here in Argentina! I truly have an amazing opportunity to be here and I need to be devoting all I have in these short 2 years, and you all help me with that so I thank you all!

My ponderization this week was 3 Nephi 9:21-22
" 21 Behold, I have come unto the world to bringredemption unto the world, to save the world from sin.

22 Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as alittle child, him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again; therefore repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved."
I love this scripture because the Atonement of Christ is so critical in our lives, I was reading a talk by Elder Holland that said All parts of our religion are only apendages to the great sacrifcie our Savior gave for us! I really need to comprehend the atonement more in my life. When I really think about it, it is one incredible thing that I should not take for granted. Sure I have a testimony of the Atonement and sure I have used it to repent many times but I really need to make sure to Carve it into my heart because it is that amazing and that incredible and that wonderful.

Well I dont know what is happening but we had another curveball thrown at us this P-Day. Elder Vinces told me that this has been the weirdest part of his mission so far, so many strange things have happened. Anyways so today we were studying for Companionship and we recieved a call from 2 Elders in San Vincente (super random). The Elder on the other end said "has President called you yet?" I told him no and he told me to call them when President calls us. Elder Vinces and I were really confused and we couldnt see the relation because San Vincente isnt in our Zone or anything... Anyways, President called us and long story short. The two Elders from San Vincente are being transfered to Obera because of something that happened in San Vincente with safety or something like that and they are pulling the Elders and Sisters out of San Vincente. Anyways, this matters to us because because there used to be 3 sets of missionaries (2 sets of Elders) in Obera our pension is pretty big in comparison to other areas. Entonces, the Elders are gonna live in our pension. And they are coming TODAY. So yeah, kind of a change of events....What a birthday right? Not only am I 5500 miles away but now my whole way of life that I finally accustomed too is going to change! I am excited to have them come because our area and the area of the Hermanas is super big and we can defintely use the help of another set of missionaries to help find more people to teach and bring to church and also to reactivate the less actives! Super exciting but like I said, it will be different with 4 Elders but it will be a cool experience because I think there are only 1 or 2 other pensions in the whole mission that live in 4´s so it will be a cool opportunity to experience it. I am excited to see what happens.

Well as for an upadate on the work:

Familia Pereira: They are progressing so much! I really have grown to love this family! The Father can partake of the Sacrament now and the wife is almost there. The two boys went to mutual on Saturday and they both come to church now which is super rare! It used to just be the Dad and now the whole family!

Familia Torres: Unfortunately they couldnt make it to church yesterday because Juan had to work...but we visited and the wife really told us about how she wants us to work with her 10 year old son who isnt baptized and who has been attending church with his grandma. She told she has a testimony and she really wants her son raised in the church!

Yamile: She couldnt come to church because she was sick but on Thursday she was able to attend the baptism of a young man in the branch and she loved it. She really felt the spirit and was talking about how it is different than other baptisms she has seen. I think she is really excited to be baptized but we still dont have a yes or yes commitment. She knows the date and she is working hard so hopefully the 28 of this month will work out! She really is so awesome!

Well that is all I will update on for the sake of time. We have an actividad misional this week on Saturday to help strenghthen the Branch and hopefully to have them bring their friends too! I am excited. It is kind of reccomended by the mission that we do these often to strengthen the members but I am really excited for this! It will be such a good time! We have our plan and it really is gonna be so awesome! Cant wait to report!

Well I love you all and thank you for the Birthday Wishes again! You all are the best and I love you so very much!

La iglesia es verdadera e yo estoy muy agradecido por esta oportunidad que yo tengo para servir una misión para nuestro padre celestial. Les quiero mucho e yo se que yo no estaria aqui sin la ayuda y apoya de cada uno de ustedes! Yo he visto muchísimas bendiciones en mi vida por medio de este evangelio de Jesucristo y es algo muy maravilloso para tener la oportunidad a ayudar otras personas recibir estas bendiciones que yo conozco en mi vida. Nuestro padre celestial les ama, y les amo tambien!

Con Amor,

Elder Willardson


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