October 26, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 5 (Obera)

Hello everyone,

Sorry I know I am changing the game and routine on everyone this week, but we wont have the opportunity to come back and write in the afternoon because we have a different schedule today. Typically our Zone Meeting is on Tuesday but the Zone Leaders want to have an activity and the only way they could get permission to have it is if they changed the meeting to monday as well. So we will leave in about an hour and a half and we wont really have a PDay but I am excited for the activity tonight. Basically after our Zone Meeting we are just gonna have a huge family home evening. Pancakes, Ping Pong and Meet the Mormons and other stuff! I am super excited! So I apologize but I probably wont have time to respond to everyone this week because I dont even know if I will get a full hour (there is a chance we get time tomorrow so maybe then) but if not I wanted to make sure I wrote a letter especially so Mom doesnt worry :)

This week was really good! I will start my email with my Ponderization as always!! I have really been working on trying to become more like Christ and so one of the attributes I have been working on is Charity or the pure love of Christ for everyone. So my scripture this week was Ether 12:34
"And now I know that this love which thou hast had for the children of men is charity; wherefore, except men shall have charity they cannot inherit that place which thou hast prepared in the mansions of thy Father."
I really love this scripture because it shows that Christ had this love for ALL men. And if we want to return and live with Christ and our Heavenly Father again we need to try to be as Christlike as possible! Its not easy but with the help of God we can develop whatever we want!

So we had a really cool experience this week in our District. One of our Hermanas was having a really hard time, not physically but just emotionally and she was really disanimated. Elder Vinces and I met up with the Hermanas and really just tried to help as best as we could. After talking, she asked for a Priesthood Blessing. This whole time I had thought Elder Vinces would give the blessing if she asked because he is Senior Companion and District Leader and yeah, but because she wanted one in Engish she asked me to give it. I was sooooo nervous....but I prayed in my heart for the help of Heavenly Father and the Spirit was so strong comforting me. The Power of the Priesthood of God is so real and I am so glad that God afforded me this experience to grow my testimony and also to have the opportunity to help one of his children on the Earth.

With the work this week, it was honestly really good. We are seeing so much progress! We had a bunch of investigators and less actives super excited for Church yesterday. I was hoping that at least 3 of our 5-6 would actually show up. But unfortunately, the rain came out of nowhere Saturday night. And it continued to pour all Sunday until the evening. I was heartbroken, because here it is so hard for people to come to church when it rains because they have to walk 20, 30, or 45 minutes to get here. To make the trail harder, it was election day for all of Argentina. Long story short we only had a total of 25 people in church yesterday. Lowest I have seen. But Elder Vinces and I talked and we prayed for the power to overcome our sadness and keep working hard. And we are already looking forward to next sunday and continuing to help the poeple we have been working with!

Sunday was good though! I gave my first Talk in Spanish! This was another thing I was a little nervous for, but during the sacrament I was really praying for comfort and yet again it came and the talk went really well. The members in our branch are so awesome I had so many people coming up and complimenting me on my Spanish and thanking me for my talk and it really helped me realize how great the church is and the opportunity we have to have such great people helping us along the way in our wards and branches and stakes and everything!

Wednesday this week we had Divisions with our Zone Leaders. They came to Obera and I had the opportunity to work with Elder Preece from Nampa Idaho. I always love Divisions because you get the opportunity to learn so much from other missionaries. Every missionary is preaching the same Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ but every missionary has their own twist to it. So it was really awesome to learn more and more.

Hopefully no Tramites this week. It seems like every week but one so far we have had Tramites. I really hope this week we will be able to use all our time to work here in Obera so everyone pray for that! No im just kididng!

Well I love and miss you all, at times I find myself thinking about random people from back home and espcailly my family, but I know my purpose here is much greater. 2 years is a short time to leave my family and friends to help other people come to Jesus Christ in their lives and recieve the happiness and blessings that await them!

Thank you to everyone for the support and prayers that are offered in my behalf. I truly am blessed with the Best of the Best.

Love always,

Elder Willardson


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