October 19, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 4


Week 4 everyone! Wow I am getting kind of old here! We are probably at the point where everyone is just recieving my emails and discarding them without reading them! Well that is okay because I am loving it! Obviously there are still days where I get down on myself because of my inabilities but the Lord is always with me and I ALWAYS bounce back and love it again!

I want to start with my Ponderization this past week! It is found in Alma 31:31
"O Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ. O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me"
I absolutely love this scripture and it was great to have on my mind all week because the mission really is an exercise of patience at times. At times you can go a couple days working your hardest and for some reason things still arent panning out the way you hoped. This is where the Christlike Attribute of Patience comes to play. I have pondered this a lot and studied and really feel like I have made signifigant progress through sincere prayer. The Lord really is so good. Whenever we really want something good or to develop something, and we do our part, he is always there making it happen.

As for this week, things were good! We have our first progressing investigator! She attended Church yesterday! And that was really good because our church attendance was super heartbreaking yesterday due to Mothers Day (yes it is in October here, super weird) But anyways I am super excited for her! She loved the meeting and she really has been feeling the spirit! When we teach her and pray together the Spirit is so strong. I am so excited to see her progress. I guess now that I think about it she is a gift of Patience for Elder Vinces and I. The way we found her was she walked into the church on Wednesday morning during our District Meeting! And she really has a sincere desire to come closer to her Savior! And I am so excited to help her.

Another key person I would like to share our experience with is a Less Active named Juan Torres and his family! He is a returned missionary and he was the Branch President before he went inactive (I really need to find out what is happening down here with branch presidents and inactivity, it is heartbreaking) But anyways he is really progressing! We had a Noche Hogar (Family Home Evening) with his family and it was really neat! Elder Vinces had a perfect object activity and lesson and it went so well! They wanted to attend church but had some sort of Party with Mothers Day and couldnt come, so we will continue to work with them and help them and I think in the next email I will be sharing good news about them!

Tramites......tramites went well last week. I guess I should explain. Tramites is basically legalwork for us to be here preaching the Gospel legally. It is something the Church is really stressing so that missionaries dont get sent home. It is especially a big deal in our mission because we have 2 countries. But that is that. It is not hard, just time consuming, I had 6 hours in the Tramites office for 15 minutes of signitures and fingerprints. We are going again tonight because Elder Vinces has Tramites tomorrow, but I will be on Splits with a missionary in Posadas and so that will be good, we always can learn new things through this. On the super exciting note, there is a subway in Posadas. And I ate there last week. It was super expensive ($5 for a 15 cm or 6 in) but I really missed America so I just did it.

Yesterda for mothers day the Hermanas and us baked brownies (or at least tried) and gave all the mothers in the Branch a quote and a brownie. It was really awesome! And although the brownies were more like cake they still tasted super good!

Today I had my first interview with President LaPierre. He is such an amazing man of God. He is super friendly and also incredibly spiritual. He helped me a lot and I learned a lot from him. I am already formulating my questions for next interview in January because he literally knows so much and is so helpful.

Well all is well here, language is coming along. At times I have days where I hate Spanish and get super frustrated. But then I have days where I love it, and I am talking with everyone and being myself and having the best time ever! A lot of mood changes for new guys I guess but all in all it is hard, but with the Lords help I am learning so fast. It is such a blessing the Lord has given me to learn a new language.

Well I thank all of you for the letters and support and prayers and everything. Sorry if this letter isnt the best my head is going a million miles an hour with Interviews and Tramites. It is not a normal P Day but it is good! I am well!

I love you all,

Elder Willardson


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