October 12, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 3 (Obera)

Hello everyone again,

Yet another P-Day. These days are finally feeling normal! And they are cruising along! Obviously I am not 100% Argentine already but I am feeling so much better than my first week! I think in large part because of my PONDERIZATION this past week!

2 Nephi 8:12 "I am he, yea I am he that comforteth you. Behold, who art thou, that thou shouldst be afraid of man, who shall die, and of the son of man, who shalt be made unto grass"

I love this scripture because a lot of the time we are worried about this and that and really the Lord is in control of everything. And when I really pondered that fact this week I felt an indescribable feeling of Peace and Comfort. I truly love this Ponderization thing! I cant wait to continue! I already chose my new scripture! And thank you to everyone who shared their scripture with me! It was so cool to see that!

In General all is well in Obera. The climate in this part of the world is way wack. We had 3 days of blistering hot last week and I was dripping sweat everyday, and then the last 4 days have been cold and rainy. In fact I opened my winter clothes from their vacuum packed bag and I have been in sweaters the last couple days! I liked the heat better honestly but the cold isn't too extreme. The only problem is that when its rainy we cannot accomplish anything. For example Wednesday and Thursday were super awesome! Probably my 2 favorite days of the mission so far! And we found new investigators and set up return appointments and then the whole weekend was just terrible. All the appointments fell through and I was a little discouraged. But it is helping me realize I need to develop the Christlike attribute of Patience. And it is always awesome to be humbled and see what I can develop! So I will continue to pray and work hard and do all I can do and put the rest in the Lord.

A lot of people ask about the Food here. To be honest it is super good! Obviously I still miss some of my American food because I am still new but I honestly love the food here! We get fed lunch everyday (Lunch is the big meal, we don't even get a dinner until we return to the pension at night) and typically it is some kind of pasta with a sauce that has hamburger/steak or chicken and they are all super good! We have other stuff too like pizza and yeah but typically it is something similar to the Pasta! Also today for Pday my companion and I went out to lunch! I had empanadas and french fries. It was a little pricier than I could afford on my mission allowance they give me but I will use a little personal money to cover the difference! I mean it is my 2 month birthday in the mission right? That is crazy to think about!

The Language is good. I am defintiely blessed to have taken Spanish in High School. Some days I feel on top of the world with the language but unfortunately some days I feel like garbage and hate the language. But the Lord is helping me a lot and even when I am discouraged I can see a ton of progress.

Well, we are kind of in a rush today because we got a call late last night that I have tramites in Posadas tomorrow early and so I have to go to Posadas tonight. We are leaving for the Bus terminal directly after this so where I sleep or what I will do for the next 24 hours I don't know! But it should be fun to meet up with all my nuevo friends and speak English and talk about our experiences!

I love you all! Thank you for all the letters and love and support!


Elder Willardson

PS I am sorry but no photos this week......the Cyber is super busy and my computer wont let me send them. And we are in a rush to the terminal too, but next week I will send some photos in the morning to make up for this week! Love you all!


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