October 5, 2015


Obera Argentina


Elder Vinces

Week 2 (Obera Argentina)


Here we are again! I wont lie and say it all goes fast but some days are fast and some days are slow. Each day is better and the help of the Lord I can push through and adapt.

I would like to start by sharing a scripture I found this week that really helped! It is in Ether Chaper 6 verses 4-8 and 12 (You can find it on if you google "Ether 6 Book of Mormon"

This scripture talks about when the Brother of Jared and his family are crossing the waters to the promise land. As you all read it liken it unto your life. I likened it to my mission. We need to do the things to prepare, and then the lord will always send wind to push us to our destination. At times the waters will be rough but that is life. The Lord never leaves us and as long as we keep our trust in him he will always push us towards the promised land. And the promised land is living with our father in heaven again.

Sorry I dont have my scriptures with me to fully explain it but as you read make your own connections and share them with me if you can!

The Highlight of this week had to be General Conference! I was able to watch in English which really is such a blessing! The words of the Apostles and Prophets are so inspiring and uplifting! I had so many favorite talks and I learned so much! One thing that I am going to be working on is a thing called "Ponderize" and I say this in the email because I want to invite you all to do it with me! It is choosing one scripture a week and putting it on a paper where you will see it everyday. 80% Ponder and 20% memorize! I can´t remember who exactly gave it but you can look up the talk if need be and read! If you have any questions shoot me an email! I would love for you all to do it with me so you can share me your scripture every week as I will be sharing mine! It is gonna be such a blessing to have my thoughts be uplifted and dwelling on heavenly things always throughout the week!

Other than Conference we had a Zone Meeting in Garupa on Tuesday! That was really good because I got to meet a ton of new missionaries and even talk to some of the ones I came in with! We all vented with each other about our challenges and then we felt better! It is new for everyone so I am not alone! But we set some goals and learned how to be better disciples of Christ and so that was really awesome!

Here in Obera things are slowly improving. I think that the companion of Elder Vinces before me gave Elder Vinces a hard time and dind´t like to work. I think this because I can already start to see the change of the members attitudes to the missionaries here. We meet with the members often to help strengthen them with a visit and a scripture and I can really see them starting to enjoy us. We started here with 1 or 2 days without lunches and now we have more members than we can fit asking to feed us! It truly is a blessing!

Food here is good, I haven´t had anything that is gross yet or I had to do some trick to get rid of! It actually is pretty good! The only thing here is that they arent super sanitary here. Sometimes I will have something in the bottom of my glass or the silverware isnt all the way clean and while I am a bit grossed out I put on my best love of Christ attitude and suck it up. You really learn how to be loving and Christlike in every situation here on the mission!

The branch is doing good. Our new President is settling in and the ward is going good. A few inactives are slowly making their way back to the church and that is truly an incredible thing to watch. The nice thing for Elder Vinces and I is that we live right across the street from the Church building which is super convienent! And apparently our building is super nice! Some Elders (and their whole branch) came from San Vincente and apparently their church is a rented house and they hold church in the garage. So I guess we are truly blessed with a wonderful place to worship here in Obera!

Well I love you all and thank you for your emails! Have the bestest week ever and remember what Jesus does for each one of us in our lives. God truly is our Heavenly Father.


Elder Willardson


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