September 23, 2015


Posadas Argentina


Elder Vinces

Argentina at Last


How is everyone! I am currently writing you from the Posadas Argentina Mission Office!

So yesterday we flew into Buenos Aires and we got picked up by someone who works for the church! They drove us across the city to another airport! That 20-30 minute drive was awesome! That city is so beautiful! I cannot wait to go visit someday! We drove by the temple and soccer stadiums and it was so awesome! The airport was awesome! Just making small talk with people and having them be able to understand you when you are speaking in their language is just something awesome!

Anyways we flew to posadas, and to my surprise it wasnt even a bum plane at all. Just a typical Boeing 737 that couldve sat around 150 if full! So that was good, we landed at this small little airport in Posadas, even smaller than that of the Allegiant Air airport in Mesa. Just a nice runway with a little building. No gates or anything, probably much like the Provo Airport. When we got off, you could feel the humidity soaking in, crazy stuff! But the President and 6 office elders were there to pick us up!

After that we drove to the mission office and dropped all of our luggage off and went to the mission home. We spent the night there and we will spend tonight there as well. Tomorrow is transfers!

While in Buenos Aires and at first when we landed I was in the ¨Wow this is so cool, what an adventure phase¨ and while a little after that I moved into the What in the World am I doing here phase, after interviewing with President Lapierre this morning and talking with him I am much more comforted!

Real quick I know this much. My trainer will be native, my area has a branch of about 50 people attending sacrament and I am pretty sure I will be in Argentina at first because we are part of the Posadas zone.

Well I will know more and tell you everything on Monday! But as for right now, they only gave us a little time to update you all and let you know I am safe!

I love you and miss you but am excited and grateful to be on the Lords Errand!

The church is true, dont forget it! I wouldnt be here if it wasnt!

I love you all so much and dont forget that either! Talk to you on monday!


Elder Willardson


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