September 2, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Merrell

MTC Week 3

Hello yet again!

Man, these P-Days just come so fast! The weeks are honestly starting to feel like days (but sometimes the days feel like weeks). It definitely is a concept that you cannot explain but you can ask anyone in the MTC and they will tell you the exact same thing! Its awesome though, I am really settled in and loving it here! Yet again a pretty normal week (I promise the emails will be a lot more interesting once we make it to Argentina) but as for now even the MTC has some cool experiences that I want to share!

Our devotionals were awesome this week! On Sunday we had Charles Dallquist II who has been mission president in Germany, I think Young Men's general president and several other awesome callings! The cool thing was we got him to come because our MTC President, President Burgess was his first counselor in several of those callings which was quite awesome for them to be reunited! Then, last night was a very special night at the MTC. Our Tuesday Night Devotional was broadcast to all 14 (I think that is how many) MTC's across the globe! Several of them joined in live and all the others are watching it on tape delay. Our Speaker was Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. What an incredible experience that was! He provided several key insights into how we can become better missionaries! One point he really stressed that I would like to share with all of you is about how important the Plan of Salvation is. Many people go about life not knowing those questions we all have such as "Where did I come from?" "Why am I here?" "What happens when I die?" What a FANTASTIC blessing it is to know the answers to these questions in our own lives! Please share this knowledge with those whom you feel inspired to by the Spirit. Or if you have questions, dont be afraid to ask me, or the missionaries, or any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. God loves each of his children and he desires all to know! I felt the Spirit testify to me of that so strong, and I am so happy that God has a plan for me and for all of you. God truly is great!

Another cool experience we had this week which was so amazing was last Thursday we were out doing a language activity outside our classroom when a Latino man walked by. I casually said "Hola" (not because he was Latino but because I am in the habit of doing that to everyone in the MTC) and he came over and struck up a conversation! As we were talking he would ask all kinds of questions like why we are learning Spanish and what are we gonna do in Argentina. I told him invite others to come to Christ and he was like "Oh Predicad?" (means Preach) and I was like yes of course! And he continued to ask about the Book of Mormon and what it was and how it was different then the Bible and I felt the hand of the Lord helping me as I answered all of his questions in almost perfect Spanish! It was an amazing experience! Of course, the whole time I was talking to him I was assuming he was a member who was volunteering to give us practice, but I was absolutely shocked at the end when our teacher came over and he told us that he wasn't a member but he was here to take a lesson because one of his friends invited him, but there was a miscommunication and the missionaries didn't show up. What a blessing it was to be able to share testimony with him of the Book of Mormon and how it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. His Savior who loves him, I was truly filled with Joy that Heavenly Father gave me that opportunity and put the words in my mouth to speak in Spanish so that Jose, who couldn't understand English and had moved here from Guatemala to learn English, could understand a message about Jesus Christ! Honestly, this was probably the highlight of the MTC for me so far! I can't wait to help other people come to know their Savior in Argentina every single day!

Other than that, we have just been doing the usual, Class all day learning the language and how to be better teachers of Christ's gospel and how his children will easiest and best learn about him. One thing that is kinda of cool that helps us relive stress and stay focused is when we have a little break, we can get on to the interactive maps on and go to our mission boundaries and because it is serviced through google maps, we can click street view and see what it looks like there! Posadas looks so awesome! The only down side is it makes us that much more excited to get out of here when we still have 3 weeks left! Although, our halfway point was yesterday so that is pretty exciting! September 21 is coming so fast!

Gym time is ever important! I love having the chance to play ball everyday! Again we woke up half an hour early to do our laundry so that we could play on our P-Day. I am gonna miss basketball so much when I get down there!

We have a new teacher this week because they had to add a lot more with BYU starting up and the teachers can only work so many hours a week! His name is Hermano Stucki! He is literally such a blessing in my life! He returned from Mexico just a couple months ago and he brings the Spirit so strong with him! Also he is the coolest guy, and I learn so well from him! It really is awesome that the Teachers here are so great!

Well other than that not much more to report! Things are going great! I'm loving Spanish and the Gospel is so amazing! It has the power to change lives. It has done so for me, and so why would I not want to share that with others? Its like back home, if you see a good movie or you eat a good restaurant? What is the first thing you do? TELL YOUR FRIENDS. It needs to be that way with the Gospel too! I have partaken of this great blessing that God has given me. I know he loves me, I know he has a plan for me and I know its for everyone. So I need to scream it to the world, This Church is true, I know it, I live it, and most importantly I Love it. What a blessing to have a Savior who loves each one of us, and with that knowledge my desire to follow him and his commandments and repent when I make a mistake is so real and so natural.

Please please write me if you have any questions about this gospel! I am headed to Argentina to help others know of their Savior and I am so excited, but as a missionary my purpose is to invite others to Christ. That means anyone. It doesn't just mean people in Argentina! It means everyone, and what great joy I would feel from God if I could be an instrument in his hand helping my friends to come closer to Jesus Christ! Nonmembers and Members alike! The Church is for everyone and we all can become closer to our Savior no matter where we are!

Thanks for all the letters and support I have been getting! Keep sending them because in 3 weeks I won't get a handwritten letter or a DearElder for 2 years! Which is kinda sad, because as a missionary without all the things that distract us in normal life you grow to love old fashioned hand written letters and sincere communication from your Cherished friends and family! If you don't have my mailing address it is:

Elder Jacob Cory Willardson
2007 N 900 E Unit 28
Provo, UT 84602

Or of course the old DearElder works great too with same day delivery for free! Just go on their website and type your letter!

I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all the support on this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord!

Love always and may God bless you all,

Elder Willardson

PS: Sorry I hadn't taken any pictures so I just snapped one with my buddy Elder Lewis so I would have one to send! He is going to Salta so I am really bummed but we are for sure going to hang in college all the time! I love that guy!


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