November 25, 2017


Provo, Utah MTC


Elder Strang

Happy Late Thanksgiving

Hey guys, it has been an amazing and incredibly busy week. We got to hear from Elder Nielsen of the Seventy on Tuesday night and he invited the Spirit so strongly. Every time we hear from a general authority the Spirit pours inspiration into everyone in the devotional. Elder Bednar came Thanksgiving morning and spoke to us about the Book of Mormon and life after our missions. He said a way he finds out if a missionary is doing well after their mission is by asking them, "How does it feel to be home?" If they respond that it feels weird than they served well. But if they can say after a couple weeks or a couple months, "Its like I never left" he said its because they never really did. It really hit me because I know I am going to grow closer to the Savior than ever on my mission because of my dedication to the work. But I dont want that feeling to ever go away. We should always be progressing even further to be able to return to our Father in Heaven. Another great pearl of wisdom Elder Bednar gave us was that if we are ever struggling with our testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon or are trying to develop one, read it. And after each page, ask yourself, "Could Joseph Smith have written this book? Could he have made all this up?" He gave us each an apostolic promise that I am sure extends to each and every one of you that the Spirit will testify at some point to you as you put forth that effort to determine the truthfulness of that book, that Joseph Smith could not have and did not write the Book of Mormon, but it is a record of the people of the Americas, translated by the power of God. On a separate note, we also got to hear Nashville Tribute play for us Thanksgiving evening so no big deal ;)

I cannot wait to get home and see my growth. I know that throughout the next two years I will continue to grow in leaps and bounds as I will have the Lord "on my right and on my left" and I would encourage anyone and everyone that has not had the opportunity to serve a mission to prepare to do so at some point in their life, young or old. I could not have these experiences anywhere else. There is a sacred nature to the MTC, and in the calling of a missionary. Simply being worthy of the Holy Ghost allows it to reside in me and come forth at any moment to testify of truths and give revelation. It is hard, busy, and tiring, and I have never been happier in my entire life. I love you all so much and continue to pray for you. I hope you enjoy these few pictures of me and my companion throughout the MTC. (BTW I know I havent actually said it and I am sorry and youve probably figured it out by now but my P-Day is Saturday) lol


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