September 7, 2017




Elder Hays

MTC week 3

Hello everyone!

This is the start of my 4th week in the MTC and its been getting better and better everyday. Some days are harder than others but it's all good. I've even discovered the Tide Pen. One day I was getting some water in the cafeteria and some sister accidentally spilled fruit punch all over my white shirt. Whatevs, but the pen pretty much took it all way.

Russian is really hard still and I dont think that will change. My goal in the MTC is not to worry so much about Russian but to strengthen my testimony and learn more about the Gospel so that I can teach with more conviction. I want to have the spirit with me more. It's hard to teach in Russian but it manages to get done. The investigators that we teach are our teachers. They are really nice and try to help us. The hardest part of the language for me is that it doesn't matter what order the sentences are in. For example, in English we would say "will you pray?" and in Russian you could say "pray will you?" or "pray you will?" It all makes sense to them somehow. It reminds me of Yoda.

Funny story: In a teaching lesson, Elder Jones from England was companions with our teacher and they were teaching an investigator. This was just a practice to show how we should teach. He did good until he started bearing his testimony and he said "I don't know the church is true" and "I don't know Joseph Smith is a true prophet." I started busting up laughing. I do that all the time tho. The words all sort of blend together. Like "ya nisnayo" is "I don't know" and "ya snayo" is "I know" so it was an accident that Elder Jones said those things but it was still so funny.

We got another new teacher. We have been gettting new teachers so often. But this teacher is awesome and he loves sports, especially basketball. So I talk to him about basketball all the time. He gives me updates which is nice. He really wants us to do better and he truly cares about us which is awesome.

The MTC had Elder Dallin H Oaks come and speak to us. It was great and I loved it. The thing he said that really stuck out to me was "this is the Lord's time." That helps me to get my priorities straight. I'm giving 2 years to the Lord and I want to make them special. I want to give all I can to the people in Russia and to the Lord. He also talked about the Setting Apart as a missionary. He said the blessings that are said are true and that makes you special. Sometimes I feel special (not in that way, dad) but I do know that the Lord helps whoever is serving him.

First pic: Samara missionaries
2nd pic: Ran into Nana and Pops
3rd pic: 3 elders who leave today to Romania/Moldova (Russian speaking) and will be picked up by my brother Sam tomorrow in Bucharest. I got a pic with them here and I told them to take a pic with Sam so we could have the same picture when we both come back. They were really good examples to me.

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