September 1, 2017




MTC week 2

Good morning, Vietnam!

Hello Family/Friends,

The second week was a blast. I have loved seeing so many of my friends here at the MTC. I finally seem to have figured out what is going around here. And I still don't know how to speak any Russian.

Our district has decided to play foursquare together. It is actually really fun. But sometimes I go and play basketball. I had 24 pts, 10 rebs, 10 assists - just kidding. Our zone is crazy good at basketball. Most people played in high school and the games are really competitive. There is also a football player in the zone who is 6'6 and like 275 of pure muscle and he plays football for Harvard. He's a total beast! Working out is definitely a highlight everyday. It lets me enjoy the whole MTC experience even more.

The zone leaders are Elder Dumbrell and Elder Whiting. They are both going to the Romania/Moldova mission, Russian speaking (like Sam). The first day I got there I introduced myself. They immediately asked me if my brother was Elder Sam Kramer. I said YES and they were like I have read all your brothers emails because he is the only person who has a blog for the same call. They know more about my brother's mission than I do. Mom, hats off to you for making the blog. They love it!

Funny story of the week: My companion and I were going to play beach volleyball with the zone. He was sick so he took a nap under a tree by the beach volleyball courts. As we were playing someone tried to spike the ball and totally shanked it. He yells, "Elder Hays look out" and I look over and the volleyball hit him in the nuts(sorry, Nana). It was so funny. I had the giggles the rest of the day, just like my bro Ben does.

Another funny story: Elder Jones (from England and is going to my same mission) asked our teacher "what are we doing right now?" She replies, "we are practicing our purpose in Russian." Then Elder Jones actually said, "what the hell is our purpose?" Everyone is busting up laughing. He next asked "Is hell a swear word in America?" We all told him it was and he was so embarrassed. Apparently it's not a bad word in England.

I'll tell you more about my district. We all get along well. Everyone is friendly and nice. Except in foursquare they are a bunch of savages. We have people from all over the world- England, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Arizona, Washington and Alaska. We all laugh and have a good time. We have one of the biggest districts. There are 13 people which is good because that means we are in the new part of the MTC. The old part seems depressing.

The worst day in the MTC was when my teacher told us he got a promotion and wouldn't be teaching anymore. He is honestly the best teacher ever. He cared about us and wanted us to learn. He told us funny Russian sayings. He was really sad to say good bye to us. He totally left us high and dry. Our new teacher is very serious and really pushes us which is probably a good thing. She moves a little too fast when we are trying to memorize stuff in Russian though.

We teach fake investigators all the time. I usually have no idea what they are saying or sometimes even my companion. But, our last 2 lessons have been really good. I totally understood what the investigator was saying. However, it's really hard for me to say what I need to say. Russian is coming along a lot better than a week ago. It's still way tough. I know that the Lord has blessed me. He knows I'm not good at Russian but He has definitely helped me when I need it when teaching investigators.

I forgot to tell you something last week. After 2nd hour of church we were supposed to follow the branch president to priesthood. But my companion had to go to the bathroom I asked him if he could wait and he said no. So I was like ok but seriously hurry. I knew though that we should have stayed with the group. Not good. We got lost. After, we realized that we had no clue where priesthood was I got super mad. I actually told my companion that I was mad at him. We then prayed for directions on where to go and I just knew...I knew that I wouldn't be able to feel the spirit and listen to its direction because I was so mad. That was a total learning experience. Bummer we didn't find priesthood meeting until the next week.

I love you guys. I totally feel your prayers.

The Real Elder Kramer


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