August 23, 2017




First Week

Hello Family and Friends,

Sorry I'm going to ramble.
The first week has been crazy and slow going. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. But, the spirit is always present. I love learning Russian, it's the best part of my day. The teacher is great and I feel like I understand sometimes but most of the time Russian just seems to go right over my head. My companion and I have taught 3 lessons in Russian already. I have no idea what the investigator says at all. After every lesson I am humbled and want to try harder in class. I have learned so much but I seriously have no idea what's being said.

My companion and I get along somehow. He doesn't like sports -what?- but he is very smart. He's book smart and I'm street smart aaaannnnnnddd book smart, right dad? -haha. Everything my companion does I would do a little different but I like the kid. He is a gun lover and loves to be outdoors when I like to play sports and take naps. Actually, no one in my district likes sports -what? Luckily we play Zone beach Volleyball. It is so much fun. My district is fun tho. We all get along great and have a really good time.

I had an experience on the second day here at the MTC. We were preparing a lesson in English. I prayed and asked God what this person would need to hear? And, I got a feeling to open up my scriptures and look at Ether 12;27. The scripture is about making weak things strong. And I was like really? So I asked my companion what he was thinking and we both had the same exact idea. I felt bad about not trusting what I had felt. It ended up being a great lesson. I am thankful for this experience because it lets me know that God knows best and I need to trust in him.

I have seen so many of my friends at the MTC. That makes me feel happy. I try to take pictures with them. My man Wyatt comes to the MTC today. I am excited for him. I saw Nana and Pops on Sunday. They were so surprised to see me. I also saw Katy Thueson and I think she sent a picture to my mom.

I am in the new building -surprise! It's awesome. The chairs are better and there are windows all over. I can see the whole BYU campus from the top. I can see the JFSB building. So Dad, if you go to the top and wave your arms in the air like you just don't care, I might be able to see you (and the reflection off your bald spot haha).

I am so grateful for the gospel and the blessings it brings me and the feelings I have when I teach it(even tho I have no idea what I am saying in Russian).

I love you guys so much. I miss you everyday.

Elder Kramer


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