July 1, 2019




Elder Hartley


Hey family and friends,

Sergei (recent convert) has dropped off the face of the planet. I haven't seen him or talked to him in 3 or 4 weeks. Pretty sad because he is a good friend. I think that he is just super busy and just doesnt have time. The branch is kind of roasting him for it.

We were walking on the street yesterday in our suits and this guy just throws his gum at me and it sticks to my suit! Kinda lame but I will get over it.

We had a meeting with Vadim. He is super cool! He makes cheese for a living. We just sat down on a bench for a while and talked! We invited him to the branch for another meeting. We are going to do a tour and show him around and see if he is interested at all and he promised to bring some of his cheese!

We had a lot of sucess this week finding. Hopefully we can get some meetings and see if anyone is interested.

We were walking along the street and we were contacting and we contacted 2 people in a row which is kind of frowned upon because we are asking random questions like where is a good place to play backetball? and if you ask 2 people in a row then it doesnt seem as sincere and that we are selling something. After we talked to 2 people in a row this guy saw us talk to both of them and he comes up to us and asks us if we need help and we say yes we are looking for a good soccer field and he walked with us to one. He is super nice and wants to meet!

Love you all!
Elder Kramer


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