March 25, 2019




Elder Penrod

Crazy Times

Hey fam,

We have been crazy busy lately!

After we heard that the elders would be detained for a little while longer, we got notice from the mission president that “We are pulling everyone out of Krasnodar, Sochi and Astrakahn. Can you tell all of them that they need to pack their bags and clean their apartment? You need to buy tickets for them as soon as possible. We will send everyone to different areas later." That was the start of some very busy weeks for us. We had to find apartments and areas for missionaries to serve in. In fact, we had 6 missionaries stay in our apartment for a week. It was crazy and exhausting handling the fallout from the missionaries in prison.

That meant too that we didn't have much time this week to do missionary work because we had a ton of stuff to do in the office. President has been in Krasnodar so he could visit the elders in prison. So we had some extra work this week to do.

Everything has settled down now. We are back to normal and doing missionary work.

We did have a baptism on Saturday. Dina got baptized. She is the best and just has the sweetest spirit. She has some kind of blood disease which makes it difficult for us to meet with her. She is always in the hospital. We met with her right before she was going to go back to the hospital (the government was also going to take her kids aways because she is sick and can’t take care of them). Anyways we scheduled her baptism for the 23rd of March. We gave her a blessing and then she went to the hospital for a week. We meet with her 2 days before her baptism and she told us an unbelievable story. She was healed of her blood disease and the government was allowing her to have her kids back. God is a God of miracles. What a special day!

Sorry for not writing often. We have had a lot going on.

Love you all
Elder Kramer


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