January 24, 2019




Elder Penrod


Hello everyone!

So it has been a couple of busy weeks. We have been prepping for Elder Golden's mission tour.

On Monday, after emailing home, we bought groceries and headed home. We reached our door and realized that we didn't have the keys. We couldn't find our keys and the landlord was out of town until Wednesday. We had 2 options. First, we could get a locksmith, which costs 100 dollars or we could do splits with someone. The problem is that we had no clothes to change into. We decided to stay at the elder's apartment for 2 days without a change of clothes. It was horrible, haha.

We made a friend named Erik. He is Armenian and about 35 years old. He invited us to dinner and tells us that he will treat us. We entered this restaraunt and it looked like a palace. We had one of the greatest meals I have ever had in my life. It is called khachapuri. It was so good. It was like a $100 meal. He is so nice! He always wants to feed us. Many friends show so much kindness even though they don't have a ton of interest in the gospel. We just keep trying.

We have taught the family (from last letter)all the lessons. They are seriously amazing. Dina is the wife and mom. Last week Dina's mom came to town. She lives in Indiana and speaks great English. When we arrived for the lesson she was there taking care of her daughter (Dina) becuase she has a blood disorder. The mom says to us with tears in her eyes "I am so grateful for you guys and everything you do for my daughter. She has had a lot of health problems and has been dealing with stress and other issues, but ever since she met you she has found purpose and hope." That was great to hear. Dina was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but while we were filling out the paper work we found out that she and Maxim are divorced. They are only divorced because they get more help from the goverment if you aren't married, have kids and don't work. The reason why they couldn't get baptized was because they are still living together. After we told her why she couldn't be baptized, the first thing she asked was can I still come to church and take the sacrament? "Yes, of course you can," we explained. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be baptized.

love you all!
Elder Kramer


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