December 4, 2018




Elder Midgley

Run-ins with the Russian Police

Hello everybody,

On Monday we went to the Ottesen's (mission home) for family night. They had family members come to visit so it was a special occasion. We go and they have a special performance by the Russian Minstrels which is a family musical group that only use Russian instruments. It was so great. (see pics)

It was a normal week until we drove down to Krasnadar. I was driving when we arrived in Krasnadar. We had to drop President and Sister Ottesen off at the hotel. President told me to drop them off on the curb (which was actually in the bus lane) so I did as he asked and dropped them off at the curb. We then went to the branch to park the car but, on the way, the police waved me down because I was previously in the bus lane. I pulled over and the cop came up to my window and asked for my documents. We couldn't find my documents in the glove box so we gave him Elder Midgleys. He started telling us that we broke the law. Then he sees our drivers license and asks "where are you from?" We said, "America!" He responds by saying "ok, whatever, you are good to go." That was interesting so we go to the branch but we have to open the gate to get to parking lot so we park by a store and leave to get the gate key. We were gone for no longer than 5 minutes. We come back and the car is gone. We were stunned but I just started laughing. We go into the store and asked them what happened to our car. They say that it got towed because we parked in a handicap spot. We were so confused because there was no sign or anything that showed it was a handicap spot and everything was covered in flipping snow anyway. How were we supposed to know that it was a handicap spot? Not to mention it was kind of odd it happened so quickly. Anyway, we go and get our car back but it cost over $100. When we told President he thought that it was the funniest thing. So then we carry on and just help out in Krasnadar with translations and other stuff. The branch in Krasnadar is so strong and just the best. They love the missionaries and are just loving to all. They usually have around 80 people at church. Which is quite a bit.

President and Sister Ottesen did a face to face. We heard some weird questions like "do you know any wizards?" or "We know that women aren't equal in the church. Can we expect any changes from the First Presidency?" President and Sister Ottesen just kindly roasted the man -haha.

After President spoke Saturday at district conference the congregation roared with applause for him. It was the funniest thing.

On the way back to Rostov it went smoothly. We dropped the Ottesens off at the mission home. Then, President Ottesen says jokingly "drive safe and if you need another $100 for a ticket just call" haha! So then we just headed for home. We had to take a detour to the branch to drop some stuff off. We park and all of a sudden we see cop lights coming and we are just like -WHAT?!? They come up to the window and ask for our documents. Apparently we drove the opposite way on a one way street. These cops were the nicest people. They honestly just wanted to talk about America and what the cops are like over there. Then they started to write out a ticket for $85 -haha. We were like oh no what is President going to say? But we continue to talk to this cop and he just loves us and after talking for a while he gives each of us a Russian world cup coin that is actually worth like $20 and tells us that we don't have to pay for the ticket. What a crazy day. We got paid by the cops for breaking the law.

Elder Kramer


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