November 25, 2018




Elder Midgley

Rostov- new city, new people

Hello everybody

Sorry that I am so bad at emailing. ) (that is a smiley face in Russian by the way). We have been so busy here in Rostov. To be clear, there is no Samara Mission anymore. I now belong to the Rostov-na-Donu Mission.

News: Saratov just got voted as the city that drinks the most in Russia. This is a big deal since everybody drinks a ton in this country. Saratov feels like my home town since I was there for nearly 10 months.
Old news: Rostov is a lot different than Saratov. It is so much bigger. They also have a weird accent- its more Ukranian. I love that. I am now trying to perfect the Ukranian accent. The g sound is pronounced as a hard h. It was so hard when I first got here. People are so hard to understand when they speak like that.

Everything is going well. We have been super busy lately with traveling and Zone Conference last week. Now we are back in Rostov! Rostov has snow already and it was supposed to be warmer than Saratov but I guess not haha.

Ruslan got baptized this last week. President let me go to Saratov to be there for it. It was so great. Ruslan is such a great kid and has had a pretty hard life. He had the biggest smile on his face after he got baptized it was amazing. I was so glad to see him so happy. After the baptism we had game night and we were playing the game Signs.

We visited Tatiana this week. Her husband is a member. They are very old and sooo sweet. She wants to get baptized! We just taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great and she is just the sweetest Babushka. She doesn't have the best memory but you can tell that she really does has a testimony of Jesus Christ.

We have been doing a lot of 'finding' because our teaching pool has been weak. It has been fairly successful. We have a couple of potentials that want to meet with us. We met a guy named Toni in a gift shop. He is from Lebanon and is super cool and funny. He knows a little English. He is christian and has the cutest family. It is every Russian missionary's dream- to find and teach a family. It never happens in Russia for some reason. We think that Toni is our guy. He is coming to English night and hopefully we can have a good discussion with him.

Love you all

Elder Kramer


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