September 30, 2018




Elder Weenig

Great Miracles

Hey everybody,

I am staying in Saratov with Elder Weenig. We will be going to Rostov for MLC on Tuesday!

We had our visa trip. We took a train to Astrakahn and then got on a bus to go to Kazakstahn. It all went well. We got back to Astrakahn and had 9 hours to spare before our flight. We literally had nothing to do so we checked out all of the sights. It was very cool and fun.

College started a couple of weeks ago which makes it really hard to meet with investigators. Some of our investigators have stopped answering their phones and others are too busy to meet.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators named Rooslan. We talked about prayer and how we can personally find answers to our questions. We asked Rooslan to pray about the questions that he has. Later that night he texted us saying "I would like to meet with you and read the Book of Mormon." WOW! I was so happy when I read this message.

On that same day, we saw one of our friends on the bus. We sat by him and talked with him. We just tried to get to know him better. After we bombarded him with questions he asked us a couple of questions about why we are here as volunteers. After talking about that, he asked if we had some lessons about our church that we could teach him.

We had a lesson with Igor too. He just accepts everything, but has a problem with acting on what we have taught him. We have taught him so much and he has heard a million "come back to church" and "read the scriptures." So we just decided to read the scriptures from the beginning. When we met with him to read 1 Nephi 2, he finally got it. He said "I don't remember any of this and it is a good reminder. I should probably read it again." Hopefully he has been reading and will come to church.

What great miracles the Lord is performing.

On Sunday the Bishop walked in and says "Elders, we have a problem. We don't have enough speakers today. Do you think one of you could speak?" I volunteered to do it. I had no idea what to say. I had part of sacrament meeting to prepare and that was it. Also it was in Russian. The speakers that were selected only talked for 5 minutes each so I had a long time to fill. I decided to talk about the Book of Mormon.

We have been downloading the new book Saints. We love it.

Love you all


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