September 9, 2018




Elder Weenig

Challenging Week

Hello Fam and friends,

Last week was a week of grinding/contacting. For some reason we could not get a lesson because all of our friends didn't want to meet with us or were out of town until Sunday. We did, however, get a lesson with Igor. He works as a security guard for cars. He sits in a hut and watches the video cameras. During work he lets us come over and teach him. We had a good lesson plan and we were pumped to finally get a lesson. We show up and everytihng is going well. But when we get to the middle of our lesson, his boss comes in drunk and starts yelling at us, calling us a sect and telling us to go home (he said it a lot differently with a lot of swear words). So we left with heads hanging low and feeling frustrated because of the tough week with little success and many challenges.

Still feeling a little frustrated, we moved forward to this week. We had two lessons scheduled for Monday with some of our friends. We get no showed by the first, but our other friend came and we taught him the Restoration which I haven't taught that many times on the mission. He gets interested in learning more though. We pick our heads up and start to go to work. Tuesday we had 2 lessons scheduled: 1 with a friend and 1 with an investigator. They both no show us. We just could not catch a break. Wednesday comes and we have 2 lessons schedule and we taught our investigator the Plan of Salvation, which went really well.

We did a lot of tours this week. Many of the friends want to learn more about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and we are just grateful to teach them.

We did a tour with our friend named Sergei. He loved the tour. We then showed him the videos as usual. After that he said "teach me more," so we taught him the Restoration. He just loved it so much that he wanted us to teach him the Plan of Salvation, but we didn't have time. He loved everything and wants to learn more and more.

This week was basically the same. we did a lot of tours and met with our investigators. They are progressing nicely.

Love you all,

Elder Kramer


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