April 29, 2018




Elder Johnson

Business casual

hey everybody.

We had splits this week! The picture is with a German Elder. Convenient because we are standing in front of a tank from World War 2

We always go to the book store to find people. Dad please don't judge. I am still your son. I haven't changed that much becuase that would be a crazy change. Anyways, we see this couple looking at some English books. We ask them if they speak English and they said they were studying English. I told them that I speak English and could help them find a good book. They were super nice and friendly.

Later, we were standing on the bus stop waiting and waiting and waiting. The bus just didn't want to come. This guy came and stood right next to me and I was chowing on some grapes. I asked him how to say stem in Russian. Never in a million years would I think that I would ask that question on my mission in Russia. Come to think of it, we volunteers ask weird questions about anything just to talk with people and invite them to our game nights and just become friends so that we can tell them why we are here. We ask weird questions in order to share the sweet message. To continue the story, he told me how to say "stem" and then we just started talking about what the city and what we like to do and why the volunteers are here. We talked for a very long time even though he didn't want to learn more about us or come to our game night. He left with a better view of the Mormons than he started with. We had Elder Golden of the Seventy tell us that most people hear about the Mormons 6 or 7 times before they are baptized.

We wear buisness casual so we can fit in and look less American (people don't like Americans sometimes and people also think that the church is an American church) We were walking down the street, second day in the new clothes, and this guy walks past us and says "Hey, do you speak English? Are you from America? You live in Salt Lake right?" We answered and it was crazy because we thought that we just looked like Russians. We had a nice conversation with him. He had actually lived in the U.S. for a while.

One of our investigators has stopped picking up our phone calls. The other one is still out of town. Bummer.

I head this cool story: Imagine that your friend invites you over for breakfest and has some freshly squeezed orange juice and he pours himself a glass. He doesn't pour you a glass. Finally you ask him if you can have a glass. He says "Oh sorry. I didn't want to offend you by offering you something that you didn't want." We have something far sweeter to share which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This story hit me and has been giving me motivation to share the sweet joy of the Gospel.

Have a good week.
Love you all.
Elder Kramer


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