April 10, 2018




Elder Johnson

Russian Trick or Treating (on Easter)

Hello everybody,

Sorry it has been a while!

I had a visa trip. Went to Kazakhstan for about 30 seconds and then came back. The part of Kazakhstan I saw was a beautiful place. Haha.

We moved apartments. It was a process. After we moved into our new apartment the radiator started to leak pretty fast. We decided to put towels down to stop it and then left to go to a meeting. We came back to a large puddle. It was too late to call our landlady so we stuffed the leak with about 40 towels and go to bed. We woke up the next morning and there was another puddle. We waited until 8:00 AM to call the landlady and told her there was a problem with the radiator. She thought we wanted to pay rent because our microphone in the phone doesn't work that well. She comes upstairs and we say alright we have a problem. She looks at it and says "why didn't you tell me?" She called her husband and he came and fixed it. It was a crazy day.

Our investigator finished the Book of Mormon. He wants to be baptized. He went to visit his family for a couple of weeks. When he returns I'm sure he will want to be baptized.

On Easter in Russia (April 8th) they do Russian trick or treating. We have some people knock on the door. Elder Johnson and I look at each other like "oh no." We look through the peep hole and see that it is kids. We answer it. They say "He rose again." We say "we know" (it was really awkward). They have their bags out like we are supposed to give them something. I grab the candy from the table (my birthday candy) and give them some. We then go to church and the members tell us "He rose again." We honestly have no clue how to respond so we ask them. They told us to say "truly, He is risen." We just felt bad because we had no idea what to say to those kids. Looking back it was pretty funny. I guess think of a Russian in America during Halloween for the first time.

We were contacting in a book store (yes dad, a book store) later in the week and I eyed down my target. He started walking away and I asked him to show me an easy book to read. One that I could read. He showed me to some good books: Leo Tolstoi and Pushkin. They were children's books. He then asked me to reccomend a good book for him to study English. I gave him Alice in Wonderland. We started talking and we invited him to the activity. He came to the activity and asked us what we do here. After that we ask him if he is interested in religion. He said "yes, of course." We extended the invitation to take the lessons and he agreed. We were so happy and grateful.

The next day, on the bus, this girl came and sat next to me. I was reading the children's book that was recommended to me but the guy who came to the activity. She took one look and says "why are you reading this book?" I say because I can understand it and it is interesting and really good Russian practice. She says "oh what language do you speak?" I tell her I speak English and am from America. She thinks that that is so intersesting. The convo goes on and she said she might come to the activity too.

Because of the children's book that was recommended to me I have gotten really good conversations. Just by asking this question Elder Johnson and I have had really good and interesting conversations with people. The Lord leads us in mysterious ways.

Love you all,
Elder Kramer


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