February 19, 2018




Elder Johnson

Transferred to Penza

I got transferred to Penza. Apparently it has the best ward in the mission. I am serving with Elder Johnson who is poly and sporty. Elder Kennedy is coming to Penza until his trainee gets his visa. This will be really fun to be in a trio.
This week was super fun.

We were on the bus trying to talk with people. I am reading a Russian classical book called the Cherry Orchard. I asked the guy next to me what a word meant. He answered in English which was surprising because he was like 55 years old. So then I asked him if he speaks English and he said no I speak a little Spanish because I lived in Spain. I started talking to him in very bad Spanish but thanks to Nana and Pops I knew a little.After that he asked me what I was studying and I said I am a Church Volunteer. I kept remembering President Ottesen saying "be bold." So I asked him if he beliefs. He said yeah I am Russian Orthodox. I asked him if he read the Bible and if he had a favorite scripture. He said ya I read the Bible everyday but I dont have a favorite scripture. He asked me how Mormons are different. I answered with the Book of Mormon. I told him how its a book about what Christ did in the Americas. (I really like President Nelsons talk in the last general conference about his story) I shared that and he said thats interesting but I don't need another book. That was sad. I decided to be bold. I said "I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it will make like better" He still didnt want any of this. I told him that his family can live together forever through the mercy of God and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He then said "I dont need another religion." I then had to get off the bus.

We had a meeting with one of our friends who is a taxi driver. He lost everything when the market crashed. He just likes to talk with us. We invited him to church and he agreed. I was stunned. He said next sunday.

We had a meeting with Steven. He is one of my best friends. We went to a Russian food place. Then we decided to invite him. He said yes I want to hear what you have to say. But I am Muslim.

Love Elder Kramer


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