February 5, 2018




Elder Kennedy

Elder Golden

Hello family and friends,

Had a good week this week! Got a lot of Russian practice in. I have had many opportunities to speak with people this week!

We had a lesson with a good member! He is old and super funny. We were going to check up on him and ask him how he was doing and ask him for some referrals. We start talking about the army (If you served in the army in Russia that is a big deal). He starts telling us how he served in the army for 25 years. He has so much Russian pride! He makes the lessons super hard on us though. Dang, he asks super hard questions! Of course he makes me answer because my Russian is just not very good! But he is so funny and I like him! Unfortunately, he will never let us talk to any of his friends about the church. He always says "I don't want to pay 50000 Rubles and go to jail." He has a Moscow accent. That sounds really different and funny to me.

We have a friend named Steven. He is from Egypt. He is honestly one of my favorite people. He is so nice. He loves soccer. He has had a super tough life in Egypt. He can't go back to visit his family or else he will have to join the Army. On Tuesday we went and got lunch at an Egyptian place. It was great food. We are trying to get him to take the lessons. I really hope he does!

On Wednesday we had zone conference. Elder Golden came, who is of the 70. He is a super good guy from South Africa. He talked to us about the importance of the spirit. He said that you shouldn't be nervous because all you have to do is open your mouth and talk to people. The spirit will do the rest. He also said The Lord likes to work with imperfect people. He calls you at 18 years of age and expects you to do a lot. This is why after 2 years you can go home and actually do the work decently. That's why the sister only have 18 months haha.

Friday we had a BBQ with a member. It was super good. He is a little crazy but I mean who isn't? It was super tasty. We did it outside in -15 degree celcius weather. It was freezing but worth it. (see pics)

Russians can be friendly. I started talking to this guy on the bus. He was a little tipsy and easy to talk to. I asked him a language question. He said where are you from, Finland? I said no, I am American. He said AHHHH you're Mormon and from Utah. It was kind of funny but I asked him what he believes and he didn't want to talk about it.

Love Elder Kramer


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