January 7, 2018




Elder Nelson

Merry Russian Christmas! (Jan 7th)

Merry Christmas! (Russian Christmas January 7th)

The language is getting better and better.

We talked to people all week and no one wanted anything to do with us which was a bummer!

On Tuesday I gave a full lesson to Ivan who is a good member. I was going to talk about the Book of Mormon and share the story of how Nephi and his brothers go back to retrieve the Golden Plates. How important they were.
I started telling him the story and he just starts asking me questions about everything. (I feel like Russians want to trump the missionaries) It was so tough and I would ask him a question and he wanted me to answer it. It was rough but good for me.

Wednesday was the greatest Russian moment for me! We were with a friend named Vlad who speaks perfect English! We started asking him some language questions. Elder Nelson asks him what the other meaning for this prefix means on certain word. They both didn't know then somehow I answered it. It was awesome. Proud moment. Then, right after, as I tried to talk to someone I realized how little I know. Proud AND humbling moment!

Thursday we were looking for an inactive member. We go to his building and it is the sketchiest place that I have ever been to. It was honestly a horror movie. We looked through the whole building and his room number was not there. I honestly thought I was going to take the Rocky Balboa special to the face. We actaully never found him.

Saturday! крещение (baptism) So awesome! During the program part of the baptism, this little kid comes up and starts throwing these glass ornaments all over, shattering everywhere. Elder Nelson and I run and take the kid into the hall. We got the broom and swept it up in front of the stand. It was pretty funny!
After Dennis was baptized we had testimony meeting. After someone bears there testimony at a baptism in Russia they give a present to him. Its almost like a birthday. Dennis got a lot of chocolate and some money and boots and a tie. Then after the baptism there is a party! This party is for Dennis. I guess Russian baptisms are like birthdays haha.

Have a good week

Elder Kramer

Russian Orthodox Church
Dope Russian food
The ghetto of Saratov (where we live)


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