January 1, 2018




Elder Nelson

Happy New Year!

Hello family and friends,

Happy New Years!

New Years is the biggest holiday in Russia. They party so hard on New Years Eve. We had to be in our apartment at 6pm to play it safe last night. Yesterday there were teenagers walking around the streets dropping firecrackers everywhere all day long. Its crazy. But today, I have not seen any people. They are all drunk or sleeping or both.

Another fantastic week here in Dauchney! The Russian is getting better. Some days I can understand people really well and other days I feel as if it were my first day in the mission field.

Funny story: We were doing language study in a cafe. I go in to my backpack to grab my language books. Instead of grabbing a book I grabbed a flippin potato. Why is there a potato in my backpack? I have no idea but it was so funny.

"Sometimes the Holy Ghost takes away your Russian" -Elder Nelson (my comp)

We were out and about trying to talk to people. We decided to go into the Adidas store and see if we could talk to anyone there. As we were there we saw the new Russia soccer jersey that they are going to wear for the World Cup. I was going to ask the worker about it. I asked him a question which was not grammatically correct so he didn't understand. Then Elder Nelson comes to the rescue (kind of) and can't understand or say anything to this guy in Russian. I was about to say never mind when Elder Nelson says Russian is so hard. Then the guy starts speaking to us in English. We talked with him for a while and he loves sports! His favorite is basketball so we invited him to sports day which gives us a chance to invite him to take the lessons. I hope he comes next week!

Aleksey (the guy that always talks about the secret combinations)- We have been teaching him weekly. Every time we try to teach him a lesson from Preach my Gospel he always ends up shooting down something that we have said. We have just decided to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him. It's totally been working. He has started to pay tithing and comes to church more often. He even passes the sacrament. He is really improving. This is a testimony to me of how the Book of Mormon is true and how it is the ultimate teacher.

Love Elder Kramer

The gym for sports day haha the wood is painted blue its so dope

The new Russia soccer jersey


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