December 21, 2017




Elder Nelson

Crazy and Funny Stuff


Why is everyone talking about Elder Kramer coming home? I have 20 months left. JK, haha. The real Elder Kramer (Sam) goes home in a couple of weeks. I am excited for him.

What a week it was. Many crazy and funny stories. Russian is coming, line upon line, precept upon precept. I am learning patience. I want to understand and speak but it's still coming slowly.

The last couple of weeks we have had fights in Priesthood meeting. It's so intense. We were having a lesson on the Priesthood and the importance of it and people are just yelling about the Priesthood. I was just laughing because I didn't understand a word they were yelling. Unfortunately, after these fights, the next Sunday no one shows up. It's just me and Elder Nelson sitting in the classroom.

Yesterday we had a dinner with a family. As we were walking and we see someone slip on the ice (it happens often so we weren't worried about it). But this person could not get up and was just sitting on the ice. We go over and it's an old grandma (Babushka). So we decide to go help her. We help her up, she starts walking, and like 5 seconds later she slips again, face first. After that I knew she was drunk. We helped her up again. She just cannot stand on her own so we decided to take her to her house. She says "you not Ruskie?" We said no and told her where we are from. She then asks us our names. Elder Nelson just says Nelson and she can't say it. She then asks for his Russian name. We don't have Russian names. Hmmm. She did make it safely home tho.

After sacrament meeting they give you a 15 minute break. I usually sit there and study Russian. I see this Old Grandma go up to the sacrament table and she just starts eating all of the left over bread. She is just putting it away, Joey Chesnut style (Joey is the hot dog eating champion of the world). She finishes that and starts drinking the water and she did not skip a beat. It was so funny. I guess she was hungry.

We were invited to go cook chicken over the fire (see pics) with a sort of active member that knows the Gospel very well, almost too well. We start eating. It's called shashlik in Russian and it's so good. While we are eating he pulls out a huge container full of wine. He starts drinking away. We ask him if he knows what the word of wisdom is. He says yeah, of course. You know that wine is against it, right? He chugs the rest of it in his cup and said NOW it's against the word of wisdom. I was sad because he is such a good guy and I didn't expect that at all. We are going to try to help him to get on the straight and narrow again.

Denis is doing really good. He is progressing and this Friday he is going to tell us when or if he wants to be baptized. He said that he has the desire to but he is just angry at some of his classmates because they call him names and stuff. He is a great kid. We taught him the commandments. He basically knew all the commandments before the lesson and would just complete all of my sentences.

I have been reading about the story of Alma the younger. These chapters bring me a lot of comfort, peace and love. Alma starts out as a very wicked man leading people away from the church. Then an Angel of the Lord appears and strikes him dumb. He repents and wants to serve God. He becomes the Prophet, leader, and a loving person to all. I love this because it shows that you can change. If Alma did it then we all can do it. It's because of Jesus Christ that this is all possible.

Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Kramer


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