December 4, 2017




Elder Nelson

Repay and Repent

Hello People,

Transfers!! Staying in the Dauchney ward with Elder Nelson! Its gunna be a blast. We have 10 potential baptisms for the quarter. We are going to work super hard this next cycle!

It was a great week. Russian is coming along as smooth as Canyon Road haha. No, it's getting better. I am getting use to the speed and I am understanding more. Russian sounds so cool. Even though the language is coming along and I can approach people with more confidence, I still am shot down and humbled often. For example, I saw a guy in a Manchester United jacket (again) and I said "hey, you like Manchester United?" and he said DON'T TALK TO ME. I laughed to myself and said there is no way that's a real Man U fan. He's a fake.

Mosiah 4;28 And I would that ye should remember, that whosoever among you borroweth of his neighbor should return the thing that he borroweth, according as he doth agree, or else thou shalt commit sin; and perhaps thou shalt cause thy neighbor to commit sin also.
I read this scripture this morning and thought "we owe the Tovey's like 100 Diet Cokes and 50 eggs." MOM & DAD repay them and repent. HAHA but don't throw the eggs and don't shake the Coke. HAHA

Elder Nelson was renewing his visa for half the week so I went with another missionary whose name is Elder Hepworth. He is a good guy. He lives in the apartment called 'The Grail'. I have no idea why it's called that but its known around the mission as the worst apartment. I lived there for a couple of days. I thought it wasn't that bad but the next day we had no water. Couldn't shower for 2 days and there is so much hair in the shower. It smells really bad and its pretty small. It was fun tho. We had a good time.

Elder Nelson and I joined a gym for the month. Its a fairly nice gym. I am going to be Dwayne the Rock when I come back

We gave a lesson to Dennis who is 9 years old. He is amazing at chess. He beats Elder Nelson all the time and Elder Nelson beats me so I have no room to talk. But Dennis hasn't been baptized yet so we are giving him all the lessons. His mom is inactive and his Dad is gone. We gave them the Plan of Salvation lesson. After I said a few things and finished we asked if they had any questions. The mom asks me "why did Jesus Christ come at this time?" and "Did he die for the people that lived before he performed the Atonement?" I had to explain this the best I could in my very broken Russian. I thought I answered it. She says you didn't answer my question. I felt so bad and like she wanted to stump me but with Elder Nelson's help, we managed to give her an answer that she understood. Phew!

Well I hope everyone is doing great. Have a great Christmas season.

Elder Kramer


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