November 1, 2017




Elder Nelson

True Happiness

Hello Family and friends,

Good week in Russia! What a great time it is to be a volunteer! I did accidentally drink the water and had some stomach issues but everybody goes through it.

I had sushi twice this week and it was amazing! It's like 3 dollars for a roll which is a very dangerous game for me! I also had KFC once (my mom is shaking her head right now). KFC is also very cheap and good.

On Saturday we have sports day and it's always a blast to play with the Russians. We were playing and this kid walks in with a red jersey, an afro and a head band. I was like, who is this kid? He was a total baller... by Russian standards haha. My comp found a KD jersey for 20 and it was real. He bought it and it is just so dope.

We taught a lesson and the guy we were teaching was just so sad. I was curious to find out why and so I asked him about it. He said he was sad because "nobody loves me". My companion told him Jesus Christ loves you. He said yeah but not as much as other people. He loves the rich people and the cool people more. It just made my heart break. We kept telling him that Jesus really does loves him the same as other people. When Christ was on the cross he thought about us and that shows his true character. He doesn’t select whom he loves, just loves every one of us dearly. We are teaching him next week and hopefully we can help him realize this.

I thought too about Helaman 13:28 where at the end of the verse it talks about happiness and how the people sought for happiness in iniqiuty. Sometimes we are searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Helpful hint: true happiness really does comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yeah, sometimes I feel happy when I play basketball or do well on a test but the gospel gives us SO much more.

I was reading the beginning of 3rd Nephi yesterday and it was amazing to see the faith of the Nephites. I dont have enough time right now, so I would like to challange you to read chapters 2-4.

Thanks and love you all


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