October 4, 2017




Elder Hays

MTC week 7

Hello Family and Friends,

This is the start of my 8th week in the MTC. It has flown by. I get my flight plans this Friday and I am stoked. I recieved my Cerilic name tag this week. The language is super hard and super fun to use. I have been focusing more on the grammar more than the words. I love the people here. And the food was alright until this week. I have had the same meal probably 3 times this week and I still have no idea why I still get it. I should just have cereal. I can't wait to eat Russian food. Man am I excited!

General Conference: I loved General Conference this past weekend. With a sore butt from sitting in a hard chair all day I still felt like the messages were really good.

President Eyring had 2 talks about faith. "Go in Faith" and "Faith Defeats Fear" I love these quotes by President Eyring. I felt like he was talking directly to me. Before the talk I was kind of nervous about going to Russia and not knowing the language, the people and what I am doing. But I need to put all my trust and faith in the Lord. He will help me and guide me to know where to be and to know what to say. This is the Lord's time and the work is dead with out him. I watched a movie on Sunday by Elder Holland about opening your mouth. I love the way he speaks. He said if you don't open your mouth then you won't be guided. You need to put all your effort in.

Ronald A Rasband: He gave a great talk about divine planning. There is no coincidence it is all planned out by the Lord. As a missionary this applies directly to me. I loved the story about the brother and the bus story. I was hopeful that I would get to see my brother haha. I don't know if that will happen.

Russel M Nelson: I loved his talk about the Book of Mormon. I loved the story that he shared. "What would life be like without the Book of Mormon?" When he thinks about the Book of Mormon what comes to mind is "power". The Book of Mormon is essential. We all need to have a testimony about it. He also said that If you read the Book of Mormon it will help you fight the temptations of the devil and make better desicions and help you feel peace, comfort, and love from the Savior. "I feel so deeply about the Book of Mormon that I don't want to go a day with out reading it." I dont know of a better promise. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it's true.

TRC: We had a skyped TRC yesterday morning. We planned a lesson about the Book of Mormon. I was so pumped. We called and they didn't answer so we left a 3 minute video message which was dissapointing. After that this person said oh we have soemone for you to call. We gave a shortend part of the lesson and I know that he felt the spirit. I know he felt the importance of the Book of Mormon. I had no notes. I was blessed and knew what to say when to say it. It was a blessing from God.

Flight plans come on friday. I am excited for that even though I already know where I am going.

Cool story: I finished the Book of Mormon like 5 weeks ago so I started over again. I was reading in 2 Nephi in the Isaiah chapters. It's safe to say that I didnt really get much out of it. When those chapters were over Nephi said something along the lines of Isaiah is hard for my people to understand. So I laughed and said me too.

I would like anyone reading this to go look at D. Todd Christophersons video. I love this video. It's about cutting you down so you can become stronger. The title is Will of God.

Love yall

Elder Kramer


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