September 29, 2017




Elder Hays

MTC week 6

Good morning Mother Russia!

Hello Family and Friends,

It was a pretty normal week. 2 1/2 weeks left before I leave to Russia and I am so excited. I feel ready spiritually but my Russian needs work. We are learning grammar. It is so hard and we only have 5 cases. I feel for my cousin Elder Collin Jacobsen! Finnish has like 27 cases which is absolutely cray cray!

My District: I love the people I am serving with! Somehow, I have the best district. We all get along very well. They don't really like sports or stuff like that. But they love The Office! We talk about the show a lot and we joke around and have a fun time. I feel like I have known them for longer than 6 weeks probably because we spend every second together.
The Zone: There are some Elders in the Zone that I am just best friends with. Elder Rogerson and Elder Arglye! They love sports and we joke around all the time. They are honestly the best. (Elder Rogerson is in the mirror pic that we took)

Yesterday was our first time doing a skype TRC. A Skype TRC is when you facetime someone that is a native speaker and a member of the church. When I heard about this I was frightened and had no idea what I was going to say or what the member was going to say. I prayed really hard about what I needed to say to this member. As I started preparing something about faith all these scriptures came to my head and I just felt like my lesson was perfect! I was so happy to share it but I was still nervous. I felt like when I read the Book of Mormon in Russian that he probably wouldn't be able to understand me. Well anyways we go to the TRC room and I am still so nervous. So we make the call. He answers and he just looks like a big Russian dude. We started talking to him and I come to realize that he is just the nicest person ever. His name was Ilya(ilya). He is from Belarus which is a dictatorship and there are only like 200 members there. So I started talking about my lesson and I just still felt like he wasn't understanding. So I asked him if he understood me. He said yes of course your Russian is really good. I was so happy and I continued and I totally felt the spirit. I didn't know why I was nervous or anything. The Gift of Tounges is real.

We also had a TRC in person at the MTC with return missionaries. I love these kinds of TRC's. I went in to talk with this girl. She was asking about my family. I told her that I have the best family and I told her about my brother that is serving a mission (his name is also Elder Kramer if you didnt know that. I am the Real Elder Kramer tho). She asked were is he serving. I said Romania Moldova, Russian speaking. After I said that she flipped out. I was like you know my brother? she said NO. But the guy in the room right over there was companions with your brother. I asked her what his name was and it was Elder Kohler. After the lesson i went and talked to him. We got a picture (which is coming later). He told me that Sam, John (Savage) and him were the 3 amigos in Moldova. He was saying that I have a really good brother and he is really good with the Russian language. After I heard that I was like ahh dang it, I just can't let Sam be better than me in Russian. I have been studying really hard lately. My last question for him was "Is my brother still so serious?" He said yeah kind of. He also said that he and John (Elder Savage) loosened him up a little bit. Sam, if you are reading this, I am going to try to speak better Russian than you. Watch out!

Elder Frampton (Garrett) and I were neighbors in the residence which was awesome. He left on Monday which was sad. We talked a lot and raved about the old days and just had a good time.

I love you guys

Love Elder Kramer

excerpt from family letter:
I am so happy. I love my mission and it really hasn't even begun. I want you to relate this message to Ben, Thom and Josh please. Tell them to try to read the scriptures daily and gain a testimony of their own. I know that we like to live in the now but now that I am here I am more concerned about their eternal salvation. But that doesn't mean stop being you. I like the way they are and i love them and want to be with them forvever. Mom I love you. I couldnt have asked for anything more I am so blessed to be your son. I am forever in debt to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for blessing me with the greatest parents.
Mom, I know we pals but tell dad he cool too and I love him.


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