September 20, 2017




Elder Hays

MTC week 5

Hello Family and Friends,

I have 25 days left in the MTC. I am anxious to leave but I am not ready with the language yet. Russia this past week is a ton better. I can understand a lot and I can say a lot more than I used to be able to. We are learning cases right now and they are difficult for me to figure out.

Some people in the district that are going to Samara have their flight plans and it at least says my name on the plans. We leave on Sunday the 15th of October at around 5. Then we fly to New York and have a 6 hour layover. Next stop is Moscow with a 10 hour layover. The 10 hour layover is because we need to go get an additional passport. To do that we need to go to the U.S Embassy. I am so excited!

Cool Story: On Sunday the branch President decided to go on a temple walk, which is very unusual. As we were walking up to the temple some lady comes up to me and says "where are you going?" I told her Samara Russia. She said "Really? I just got back like 5 months ago. You are going to love it." She was so happy to see us. but we had to go and catch up with the Zone. After the Temple walk with the zone she was still there so I went to go talk to her. She seemed sad for some reason. She told me that she missed it a ton. She said she wants to go back so bad and that the mission was the best thing that has happened to her. So I asked her about what we do exactly. She said to just make friends. She said that they still taught a lot. She also said that they dont do many service projects. They do play sports a lot which is very awesome. The last thing I asked was about the mission president and his wife. She said that they are the best. They are very "chill" and they love sports. I was so happy when I heard that. Me and Elder Jones thought about it at we hope that we are gonna be able to go to a World Cup game! And for Christmas they let us go see a Ballet which is very cool -I guess.

Elder Hays and I went into a lesson and asked our investigator if there was anything troubling them. BoBa(our investigator) said yeah I dont really understand why the commandments are important. We changed our lesson from the Plan of Salvation to the commandments. We did not prepare one bit for that lesson. But somehow we knew what we needed to say. I got this feeling to share a scripture and my companion shared his thought and why they are important. I know that the Gift of Tounges is real. I know that they arent real investigators but it still works and I can feel the spirit when I teach this great Gospel.

Last night we had another Apostle come speak to us. It was Elder Cook. It was fantastic. We had Elder Oaks speak to us 2 weeks ago. The weirdest part about it was that they both spoke about the importance of your call as a missionary and also the precious gift of Preach My Gospel. The cool part about how they assign missionaries is that it is 100% by the Holy Ghost. I know that everyone probably knows that but the way he said it just sunk in. He said that sometimes the Holy Ghost will say "thats not were they are supposed to go". He said "I dont know why I send missionaries where I do But I know that God knows why you are being sent there." I know my call to Russia Samara is for me! I don't know exactly why. But I feel like I need to be there!

I know this is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all!

Elder Kramer


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