September 14, 2017




Elder Hays

MTC week #4

Hello Family and Friends,

I cant believe how fast the time has gone by. I really want to leave to go out in the field but I know I'm not ready yet. Russian is still hard but its getting a ton better. We have learned about conjugations and pronouns. That all makes sense. We just had a lesson on imperfective/perfective. Its hard because you have to change the verbs. Imperfective means that it is ongoing and this can also be past tense. To be honest this doesn't make sense yet. We learn cases next which I hear is the hardest thing about Russian.

Funny story: I forgot to tell this story. Before our first lesson I was nervous as heck. I didnt know what to do or how to say it. My comp and I go in and say: Hello, how are you? We are missionaries of God and we are here to teach you about the Gospel. My companion is just so nervous. And you can totally tell that he is. He was trying to say 'where are you from?' but in the middle of that sentence he totally farts! I can't hold it together and I start laughing. We don't know how to say excuse me or sorry so we just shrug and go on with our lesson. That was funny. It definitely broke the ice.

Another blunder: I am trying to bear my testimony to an investigator. Our lesson was about repentance and the Atonement. I am trying my best to push myself, to use the right words and make a sentence that works. I tried to memorize what I was going to say. My testimony went like this. I know God loves us I know he hears and answers our prayers. I know that God will listen to you if you will ask him in prayer. -this is were I just butchered it- I said I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can receive eternal life and also receive sins. I didnt even notice I said that until my companion and the investigator start looking at me like I was stupid. My companion said what did you just say? I repeated the same line. 'We can receive sins.' Then I realized that I meant to say forgiveness. But the cool thing about this story is not only will I be more careful but we heard in a devotional that you must make 30,000 mistakes before you know the language. I guess it's awesome that I'm right on track. Of course I have only made 1 mistake-haha. I have 29,999 left to go!

I have been playing basketball a lot. I almost set the record for most 3's in a row here at the MTC. I made 27 threes in a row. The record is 32. It was fun tho. Nobody in my district likes basketball that much but I still get to play which is nice. The other Russian speaking districts are really good and are fun to play with. There are a lot of tall people who are fast and good shooters. There is a kid that I played against in high school named Elder Argyle and he's really good. He shoots tons of threes. We get a long really good and we are sometimes on the same team. Garrett Frampton (Elder Frampton from LP) and I have the same gym time which is awesome. Actually Wyatt (Frampton/twin) sometimes does too. So we usually ball together just like the old days.

Tuesday night devotional: The devotional was awesome! I learned a ton of stuff. The main thing that stuck out to me was "attack the day" and "you choose how the day is going to be". I have tried to apply this. It's hard to try and be so happy all the time. But it really helps me to have a different outlook on the day. Attack the day! Wake up and pray your heart out! Tell God how you feel so he can help you and others in the district. I need a lot of help. Praying has really helped me to feel loved and also to love the people I am serving with. It will also help me to love the people that I will be serving in Russia.

Love you all,

Elder Kramer


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