June 13, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Villegas

Leaving Buin & God Forgives

Week 42: Leaving Buin & God Forgives
June 12, 2017

Hola Familia!

This weekend we received the changes (transfers), and...

I'm leaving Buin!

I'm going down South again, to the STake Center in Curico`. It'll be interesting; I've been assigned to be a Zone Leader there. I was really, really surprised. I'll be the Zone Leader with the least time in the mission, along with 1 other Elder from my group. My new companion's name is Elder Heap, from Arizona. He's another ex-mission secretary, who goes home this change. They say that my ward (the Alameda Ward) is really strong, and their ward mission leader is a machine. This will be my first ward in the mission (up until now I've had only branches), so I'm really excited.

The sad part is that they're closing my sector here in Buin. It'll be part of the sector of the other Elders.The good news is that my companion will be staying here with one of the Elders from the other sector, so they won't be in a "whitewash," where neither Elder knows the sector.

Carolina Soto and her family are progressing! Carolina is now 10 days smoke free, and her whole family came to church yesterday. We set a baptismal date with her husband Jose`, who opened up to us and told us about his drug addiction. I'm bummed that I'll have to leave them.

In my study, I recently came across Helaman 11. It amazes me how quick God is to forgive, and how quick we often are to forget. He wants to bless us. I hope we can all take advantage of repentance and God's quick and joyful forgiveness. I also hope that we can all be slow to forget all that He's done for us.

Elder Olson


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