June 5, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Villegas

Scripture Study

Week 41:Planning and Scripture Study
June 5, 2017

Friends and Fam,

Wow, this transfer has really flown by. It's been easy to enjoy; I have a great companion, a great district, and a great branch. I've been here 3 transfers now, and this Saturday we'll find out if I stay or if I go. I love Buin, but I wouldn't mind a change either.

The last 2 weeks an old investigator I'd set a baptismal date with in my 2nd week in Buin started coming to church again. His name is Berny, a 23 year old with a mormon ex-girlfriend and Dragonball Z tatoos. He's almost golden, but he works a LOT and it's tough for him to find time to receive the discussions.

We had to move the baptismal date for a family (Carolina and her son Jose Andres) out to the 8th of July. She's progressing, but has a hard time getting work off to come to church.They're reading (they're at about 1 Nephi 7), praying, and Carolina has gone from a pack of cigarettes a day to 2 days without smoking. Keep them in your prayers. :-)

We had Zone Conference this week, where we talked about how we study the scriptures. President Harris's knowledge of the scriptures is incredible. I enjoy comparing my english scriptures with my mission scriptures. The difference in my study before vs. during the mission is very clear.

I like this analogy to illustrate the importance of planning an scriptures study: A war isn't won on the battlefield, a war is won in the general's tent. Success in life relies on our personal planning and preparation.

I also gave my class this week on planning and goal setting. I have my district doing a daily review/goal setting session every night in addition to their daily planning session each morning. My companion and I at least are feeling a difference, and another Elder also thanked me and told me he likes the 2nd planning session. M. Russell Ballard gave a talk, "Do things that make a difference," on worthy goals which I really like.

Love you guys, the Church is true,
Elder Olson

Extra note of interest from Mom Olson: In emailing Sister Harris and the Mission Medical about a prescription Jacob needed, Sister Harris said, "We love Elder Olson! Just this past week when President Harris was ready letters from the missionaries, he said to me "Elder Olson is a great missionary! I'd take 20 more just like him!"
We are so proud of him working hard to do his best.
As an extra treat, while he was in the city (Rancagua) getting blood work done to get his prescription updated and refilled, he and his comp got to get pizza at Papa Johns. He was super excited about that.

Elder Olson has fully immersed himself in the work and the mission. He's been out 9 1/2 months and is truly happy serving the Lord and mentioned that he just hopes to meet the Lord's expectations of him.

Elder Olson also noted that it's getting quite cold there now. He's making use of his long underwear and their little space heaters are always on full blast. The mission provides them with electric blankets too as there is no central heating or air where the missionaries live.

Notes on the pictures and video are below:
This week the video Elder Olson mentioned last week came through. It is a video of him and his housemates playing a song he wrote for the Buin Zone.

VIDEO of the song: (YOU HAVE TO WATCH!!!!!)
pic 1:Goodbye Elder Richards
pic2: farewell face to face for Elder Richards
pic 3: reunited with MTC Elders
pic 4: Strange People Prohibited


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